BigDownload: 10 Reasons to Avoid Spore

Gamers all thought they'd love Spore, but the reviews are in and the honeymoon's over. BigDownload doesn't hate Spore, but it sure fell below expectations. If you're still on the fence about whether or not to pick up the game, check out the gallery and find out ten reasons why you should avoid Spore.

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Yi-Long4397d ago

By most accounts it doesnt last nearly long enough to stay entertaining, and the DRM-issue with EA deciding if you can play it or not, it's not really worth the purchase, is it!?

I'm sure it's basically a nice game, but why pay 50+ bucks for something like that!?

Perjoss4397d ago

Personally I thought it was a fantastic game (its currently my vote for game of the year) the game modes are pretty simple yes, but so was Tetris one of the most addictive games ever made, the game modes are simple but they are also a lot of fun. The 'cuteness' of the game will certainly put many people off.

The space stage makes up for the simplicity of the other stages as there is quite a lot to do and the galaxy map is huge and fleshed out with many varying races setting up colonies across many system and going to war with each other etc. Its no X3 as far as depth goes but its not Tetris either :)

As for the DRM, well that a big fuss for nothing, true that if people has problems installing the game this can be a big problem as you have limited installs but I'm sure EA will help people with problems like this, and this kind of protection is usually removed after a few months of the game being released.

I've played it for long periods of time and had no problems at all, no crashes, frame rate is solid 60+ fps, and I've found zero bugs that even come close to being game breaking.

Spydiggity4397d ago

every game gets over hyped to the point that it has no choice but to be disappointing.

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KiddyBrownTurd4397d ago

poor game. will wright sucks. he's to thank for the world's #1 n00b game: the sims. no wonder this game sucks!

Ice2ms4397d ago

I thought this was a solid game :P dont agree with much of what the article posted.

thor4397d ago

I am simply appauled at the level of DRM on this game. Same with mass effect. I simply refuse to buy any game that might not let me install and play it in a few years. And I _do_ go back and play old games, sometimes. I even got the original command & conquer running under XP. (Yeah it's awesome :)

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