Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Director Interview

Interview with the director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Includes detials on characters, levels, and graphics.

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FFVIIFan5233d ago

I thought it was interesting that Yohsuke Hayashi thinks 720p is the best resolution to use in terms of balancing graphics and performance. I hadn't thought about it like that. Regardless, I'm looking forward to this game.

big_tim5233d ago

from a 3rd party developer that isn't dissing a system. It's a breath of fresh air. The screens do look a lot better then the TGS shots. Should be a good game.

FirstknighT5233d ago

I played this game to the teeth on the XBOX! Best action game ever! Better than DMC! Better than God of War! And better than Prince of Persia!!! Enjoy it Sony boys!!! But I bet you once Ninja Gaiden 2 comes exclusive to the 360, you guys will be buying one ;)

Hey Zeus5232d ago

No DMC 3 is better by far!

mephixto5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

Better than DMC3, GoW and PoP???? Are you on drugs or something?

FirstknighT5232d ago

Ninja Gaiden Black: 93.9%

God of War: 93.2%

Devil May Cry: 92.2%
Devil May Cry 2: 72.3%
Devil May Cry 3: 87.8%

Prince of Persia: 91.6%
Prince of Persia 2: 86.3%
Prince of Persia 3: 85. 3%

Ninja Gaiden takes it by an inch!!! God of War is a good game! DMC went downhill after part 1. Prince of Persia is also a good game! Stop being such a fanboy you sony duds! Everybody knows that Ninja Gaiden is the best action game thier is.

Hey Zeus5232d ago

Is one of the most action packed fun games i have ever played, however Ninja Gaiden was really great, but not as action packed as DMc 3, not by a long shot!

ASTAROTH5232d ago

Ninja Gaiden received better ratings. Its the only good action game on the original XBOX!!!! FANATIC!!!. Dont compare it to God of War, its the best the genre has to offer. Also DMC and DMC3 are better games overall. Onimusha 3 and Dawn of Dreams are better games. I have all these games and NG is amazing, the only thing that kept me from enjoying it better was its extremely high dificulty. Sometimes it really tired my hands. As far as the PS3 version Im still wanting something that make me buying it AGAIN. FANATICS...

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OutLaw5232d ago

Yohsuke Hayashi was straight to the point with his answers. He also has a great sense of humor.

One part I loved about the interview was when 1up asked, "Is there any concern that by the time the game ships that Sony still won't have sold enough units to make this a financially worthwhile venture?" His response to that was "A lot of developers use the excuse, "Oh, well the hardware doesn't have enough units out there so we're not going to develop for it." In our case we think, "Obviously someone has it." So we think you should make a game good enough to get everyone who owns that hardware to buy it. That's the ideal goal, right?"

I feel all game makers should have that type of attitude about us the gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.