Xbox One Deals: Titanfall 2, Gears 4, Bioshock Collection on Sale Right Now

Pick up Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, Bioshock Collection and more at huge discounts right now if you hurry.

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XXanderXX860d ago

Cool Gears 4 and Bioshock Collection awesome

860d ago
FunkyGoron860d ago

I love/prefer to buy my games digitally. What sucks about this is that almost none of the Black Friday deals pertain to digital media, it's all boxed. Which is fine, I understand why that is, but it has made my Black Friday's less exciting due to the lack of deals.

I will say the PSN flash sales, MS store sales and random holiday sales give me CHEAP CHEAP games, but still... I enjoy a good black friday rush.

XXanderXX860d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Or you could wait for Cyber Monday where some or maybe a few outlets try to tie digital items with that day for some wild reason .

@ Funkygoron Excuse me who's being a what
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two different sale event and video games can be found in that price range if you look around .

FunkyGoron859d ago

You're a fool if you think Skyrim, Bioshock, Dragonball Xeno 2, etc will be $25 for a digital download on Cyber Monday. No games will be available digitally for the prices listed in these Black Friday ads.

Good game on being a dick for no reason.