Philippa Eilhart Witcher Cosplay is Steamy Sexy and Slightly Horrifying

Elena Samko is back at it again with more beautiful Witcher cosplay images. This time she plays Philippa Eilhart and the result is fantastic.

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poppinslops976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

I guess it's kind of sexy - at least until she removes the blindfold and you realize her eyes have been scooped out... unless you're into that?

Of all the Witcher's witches, Phillippa's definitely the one I like least... If Wild Hunt had let me kill her, I'd almost certainly have done so - though I was able to indirectly screw her out a job with the late, not-so-great Emhir Var Emries, whose assassination was a joyful occasion for everyone but her.

polarbearshogun976d ago

They Couldn't, In the Books it states She was eventually burnt at the stakes by Radovid.
at least we know she doesn't live happily ever after.

poppinslops976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

And here I thought the biggest changes CDPR made were Triss' hair/eye colour and Geralt's bandana (thank God) - I guess my memory's not as sharp is it used to be... that said, powering through all of the novels in a fortnight (waiting for Wild Hunt's 2nd patch) probably didn't help with regards to the little details.

In the end, every choice I made was for Ciri, so Radovid had to die in order for Djikstra to rise, defeat Nilfgaard and keep Ciri the f#@k away from her Old Man... Lucky Philippa.

polarbearshogun976d ago

your response made me double check, and it turns out that its not radovid who kills her but archpriest Willemer.
my bad. i cant post a link as a new member but you can verify it on the witcher wiki.
next time ill double check before i post

mad-dog976d ago

You mean: "Boobs are sexy".

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