NES Classic Edition Sold Out; Nintendo Promises More Soon

NES Classic Edition is finally out! Nintendo promises that more units will be available towards the end of the year just in time for the holidays.

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blawren4706d ago

Not clicking on random links. At least describe what it is in the link. That's not only lazy, but can be dangerous to click blink links

blawren4706d ago

I can't believe people that assumed this wouldn't be the case and paid more than $60 on ebay, or are complaining about stock. Remember, Nintendo thought the Wii U would be ultra successful too. Nothing wrong with them testing the waters first. Although, it would have been interesting to see what pre-orders would have been if that were offered.

ZeekQuattro706d ago

I'm glad someon gets it. People are quick to point on Nintendo does this on purpose and use Amiibo and the Wii as a basis but ignore how easy it was to find pretty much every past Nintendo console or handheld outside of novality items like special edition SKUs. Pocket, Mini, SNES 2 etc. etc. Money can not be made if the product is sold out. You run the risk of the person losing interest or just plain buying something else. Should they of used Preorders? Sure but I don't see this as being done on purpose like many try to state as Nintendo can't make money on whats not there.