The Modern Warfare Remaster Is Far More Popular Than Infinite Warfare

GameRevolution: "It gets worse, though. As indicated by the Xbox Live Most Played games list, Infinite Warfare ranks at the #4 spot, as opposed to Call of Duty's usual #1 placing during launch month. As far as what's outperforming it, interestingly enough, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered sits at the #2 spot."

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smolinsk2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Please let the infinite game be the last future fps game in a long time. Not fit for multiplayer in that setting, souless and boring

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MVGeneral2515d ago

I kind of like infinite warfare. I didn't like it at first. But it's different enough to have a learning curve. You take on less damage, so you die faster. And it's a bit more fast paced. Wasn't as fluid and smooth as black ops 3. But it's still fun and challenging and I'm enjoying it so far.

Tbh no matter what, I had to buy this game. I really didn't want to because I still enjoyed and played black ops 3. And I would have rather got BF. But my friends are all getting it and we go ham on zombies. So I got it for that.

Muzikguy2515d ago

This is great news!! I hope being able to buy the game separately comes next

Leeroyw2515d ago

I am a long term cod fan and I find Multiplayer:

Enemies are bullet sponges
Levels badly designed and spawn points are uneven.
Guns lack depth and appear boring.
Perks and loadouts benefit those with the most time.
Jumping and sliding is ridiculous.

I'm back on MWR and immediately regret my purchase and season pass. Learn from my mistake.

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blady_man2515d ago

I am also a long time cod fan and i agree with u, i played it once and thats it! Battlefield 1 this year for me

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Diablo 4 Is Finally Coming to Steam

If you're among those who wanted to play Diablo 4 on PC but have been holding out for a Steam release, the wait is almost over following today's announcement.

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Tapani2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

I was initially interested in this as it looked externally closer to Diablo 2 than 3, but it does seem like the game is not a great single player action rpg I was hoping for. If you take all the press and whatnot hype out of it, is this really any good, for example compared to Diablo 2 or Grim Dawn? The latter has not been as addictive and interesting for me as Diablo 2, but maybe it will get better as I progress. I'm looking for a 100% single-player side of this.

Daver1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I got the sorcerer to 82 and I thought it would be good similar to diablo 2 but the thing is it is boring. All the dungeons feel the same, the loot is uninteresting you find unique, you pick it up and you continue without looking at it because you know its probably bad and not very different from what you have. You never feel powerful unless you make The Build everyone is using on internet

Azurite1h ago

The Steam reviews will be interesting.

Knightofelemia1h ago

I thought it was all ready out on Steam when the game came out.

slate9156m ago

Here comes the review bombing