James Renoir Sets Out To Solve His Own Murder - Blot Gaming

Join James Renoir, detective, as he attempts to get to the bottom of his own murder, as well as that of his beloved woman.

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Kokyu797d ago

Another crap click bait article that basically saya nothing about the title material. This game also just sounds like murdered; soul suspect which though it didnt sell very well was an amazing game.

argetlampuppeh797d ago

I'm afraid it says just about all there is to say about the game, which is has not been released. Many of the mechanics have seen changes since the development changed hands, the details of which are covered in the developer's website, linked at the bottom and explicitly noted as such. The trailer puts the game's mechanics on display in a way which is more effective than text would be.

Beyond that, we know that it's a puzzle-adventure game about solving your own murder as the ghost of a man in an era where the mafia ruled, and has a noir tint to it. The article primarily serves as an announcement that the game, which may have otherwise gone unnoticed by many, is coming out in the near future. The purpose is to inform, not to share an opinion or generate artificial buzz. Hardly click-bait.

Kokyu797d ago (Edited 797d ago )

So this person has no real information about the game and just writes and "article" about the same thing you could get from a descripton on the steam page and thats not click bait...yeah ok

argetlampuppeh797d ago

The very nature of the article is to inform people who wouldn't otherwise know about the game, and thus would have no reason to go on the Steam page and read the contents of it. By the same logic, a newspaper headline reading "Osama Bin Laden executed, details top secret" would just be click bait, rather than informative, because you could just go ask the people who know more. By the existence of this article, casual gamers, those who primarily play other genres, or otherwise wouldn't browse the Steam store for an indie-action-puzzle game are alerted to the existence of the product.

Clickbait is material which exists solely to garner self-attention. Articles like "My Top Ten Favorite Pokemon" or "Man Gets Twenty Years In Violin Case" they are intentionally misleading and/or provide no information. The information here is accessible elsewhere, yes, but in the modern world, almost all information is.