Xbox One Backward Compatibility Turns One; Skate 3 Available Today

This weekend marks one year since the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program launched, bringing your favorite Xbox 360 titles to our Xbox One catalog so you can continue to enjoy the Xbox 360 games you own at no additional cost. It’s already been a big week with the additions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 to our library, as well as to the EA Access Vault, and the hits keep coming. We’re excited to announce the arrival of the highly-requested fan favorite, Skate 3, to our library of Backward Compatibility titles – available starting today.

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CocoaBrother2328d ago

Mass Effect Trilogy and now this? Who would've thought EA would be the company supporting backwards compatibility the most.

christocolus2328d ago

Agreed. The BC team has been killing it and this was just posted on reddit I like what MS is doing with BC and its good to know we will be able to carry all the BC games over to Scorpio.

Bigpappy2327d ago

Feels like a dream. Phil's the man... best gaming boss eva!

Black0ut2328d ago

Exactly. These guys deserve to be applauded for their work.

Obscure_Observer2328d ago

Yeah! Congrats Xbox Team!!!

Keep it up with the awesome work!!!


Black0ut2327d ago


10/10 applause. Well done man! lmao XD

Gaming4Life19812328d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I have been waiting for this for a long time, i think i now have all my favorite games on BC but i want more lol.

opinionated2328d ago

I was excited until I realized I have skate 3 on PS3........

OldGuyStillGaming2328d ago

Give me MG Rising please
I never got a chance to play it and this would be my chance

Gaming4Life19812327d ago

Metal gear rising is really fun and overtop and i thought it was going to be some garbage........i was wrong.

Black0ut2328d ago

Holy crap!! I bought this only 2 months ago hoping that it'd be added. SWEET

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