Motorstorm developer Q And A with Edge Online Readers!

Some very interesting questions and answers indeed, and my question got answered also regarding additional "bonus" material for US/PAL markets. PS3 fans maybe a wee bit dissapointed if expecting more tracks!

Read on.

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DJ5435d ago

that reveals a lot of neat things about their development process. The really interesting info was about how involved Sony is with their project, giving both a lot of support and a lot of freedom.

JIN KAZAMA5435d ago

posting the interview on here. Plus, when you gonna get the PS3????? Hurry up and get it.

True Gamer5435d ago

I think it comes out in March over there.

TheXgamerLive5435d ago (Edited 5435d ago )

It has no optional tracks w/a poor look at times and no feel to it's game play at all, of course there's no feel to any ps3 game at all. Sony dropped the ball and made a generic no feel machine, and for that reason every ps3 game is greatly lacking right off the bat.

Konami and others will stop ps3 development unless they(sony) makes something happen with rumble.

Oh, and the interview was quite negative, so no, not cool at all. But, this game will be a hit on ps3 as it needs something, anything right now to play. A 7.5 out of 10 game like this will be percieved as great as compared to nothing else on the ps3. b/c other than the wannabe R-FOM, there isn't anything else.

True Gamer5435d ago

This interview was good!

JIN KAZAMA5435d ago

lives somewhere in California. Anyways, here we go with Xgamer saying stupid things like usuall. First he was tlaking about how the PS3 cant run MGS4, and NOW he is saying Konami will drop suuport of the PS3.
WOW Xgamer, i guess you ARE the HEAD of Konami, you know so much about them. You're a fool man. Get over it, the PS3 is the realdeal. Unlike a system that came out over a year ago, and only boasts 1 AAA game, the rest nothing special.

testerg355435d ago

DJ lives in Southern Cal around the West Covina area.

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The story is too old to be commented.