Gran Turismo is finally opening its eyes to the wider world of racing games

Eurogamer: Gran Turismo Sport's debut, you might have heard, was far from spectacular. Polyphony's debut on the PlayStation 4 didn't just lack the spectacle you'd hope...

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UltraNova2812d ago

The Porche deal is done this year. With this in mind I hope Polyphony has a nice surprise in store for us...GT3 RS >nough said.

PhoenixUp2812d ago

Gran Turismo has been getting some tough competition from Forza Motorsport in recent years

UltraNova2812d ago

Indeed they have, to the point now that it surpassed it a bit, especially on how long it takes between releases.

This is good though, because now Polyphony has to really step it up. This is why I beleive their next full game, GT7, might be the best simulator we have ever seen, by far.

As for the present, I like their MotorSports approach, it had to happen and they are doing it finally. GT Academy was a master stroke waiting to be expanded to its true potential and GT Sports is exactly that. I cant wait!

Aenea2810d ago

GT7? 2021 release date on the PS5? :)

They are way too darn slow with developing these, they need to hire more teams!

gamer78042810d ago

I'm really curious to see what the next GT brings. I love arcade racers too, but drive club didn't do it for me gameplay wise.

Playground and Turn 10 have a pretty large advantage, the studios have learned to work together but on separate games. they share ideas, assets and technology and make each other's team better.

freshslicepizza2810d ago

polyphony has the desire and the talent but for gosh sakes they waste a lot of time! too much is spent on things like photo mode. they waste years and then say things like the ps4 will be easier, the wait wont be so long yet it keeps happening. do they not have a project manager that can control the team and get things done? they told us gt7 would be out before 2016, now they scaled the game back to gt sport and that isn't even out yet.

on the flipside the first forza on the xbox one was rushed so we dont want that to happen either but i personally think gt sport will be a bloated prologue type game where most want a full gt7 instead but that might be another 4 years from now and back to the same cycle again with the ps5 on the horizon.

Dee_912809d ago

@Aenea Yea they need to hop aboard the outsourcing train. Just about every other developer outsource now

Obscure_Observer2809d ago


"This is why I beleive their next full game, GT7, might be the best simulator we have ever seen, by far."

I wouldn´t hold my breath. As long GT has FIA as sponsor and Yamauchi as director, "Sport" may be your regular GT for many years.


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MagicBeanz2810d ago

Not really, Forza is little more then an annual cash grab, its the Madden of racing games. Polyphony takes their time with GT and each release is far better then any Forza game.

Gazondaily2810d ago

Lol the king of racers is a cash grab? Riggggght

madmonkey012810d ago

king of racers> only in the world of die hard xbox fan girls

Gazondaily2810d ago

Haha okay if you say so 😂

Brisco2810d ago

Hahaha cash grab. Once in 2 years xbox gets the best racing game on any platform! Jealous that polyphony can't deliver?

Ricegum2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Yep Forza is the annual cash grab, same category as something like Cod and Fifa at this point.

And it barely hits a million sold each time, which suggests it may not be the "king of racers" you Xbox people think it is.

Can't wait for the real king GT to return. It has been a while.

xer02810d ago

Also, Forza always seems to copy Gran Turismo.
To me, it's nothing but a GT clone.

thisismyaccount2810d ago

Forza is the King of Racers? Why is it selling like shaite then?

Since 2005 (11 years), there have been 10 or 11 games ..., 5 years after the first FM they reached 10 mill. sold units and sold since then another 10 mill. or so (total 20 million copies). Nobody gives a damn, its not well recieved among pro Drivers, there has been never anything like the Academy or the FiA Joint-Venture .. it´s just there.

They YET have to create a fantasy race track that does not sukc hard. Even the Prague one in FM5 (one of the better), they fukced it up with that weird-shaped semi-oval left corner. Forza FTracks feel like El Capitan in GT4, terrible track design.

"I wanna customize my car with dicks, tities, anime girls / images and other shaite" ~mentality Forza

One is pushing forward, with the help of pro-drivers and now the FiA. Makes it possible that youngster can join racing teams with the help of the Academy program and is always highly regarded.

GT5 on PS3 with just 256mb vram, achieves better technical-results (imho, adaptive tessallations, 24/7 time/night cycle aka dynamic lighting and weather all absent from ALL the FM titles, why do you think these run at close to locked 60fps?) than FM6 does with 8Gb Ram on a XB1 system.

GT Sport already runs at 4K 60fps and according to the press at the event : they were blown away with what PD aims too accomplish with 10´000 nits nuclear power, have your sunglasses ready ;)

Anyway you can see the difference here, when a "DEMO" of GT sells as much or more copies than a full game/version of FM...

And why are former xbox exclusives selling bad on the PC (besides Horizon 3) (low blow, but i wanted to point out one important aspect, WHY Gears 4 in particular sukcs balls)

- QB flopped hard, flopped terribad on MS ows W10 Store and even harder once released for Steam imho rightfully so, what a colossal hyped-up p.o.s game with great post-vfx but dumb characters, stupid choices (first good, then as the bad guy :lol:) .. ran like shit on the PC for a long time. Just watch previoulsy recorded´s QB Review to understand HOW bad the game is

- ReCore? (tbh no clue how good or bad it is, just saying that it sadly didnt do well, def. getting it once €20)

- Gears 4 again watch previoulsy recorded´s review of the game, with "nathan drake" ~like protagonist with dumb companions with zero movtivations/reasons, instead of playing as the iconic badass Fenix in a game that lacks any form of lighting.

>>THIS IS the reason<<<, among others like important ppl. that have worked on Mass Effect 1 to 3 and have left EA since then, WHY Andromeda will FLOP. No one wants to play a hypster-like boya in Mass Effect or in Gears 4!!.

They "patched" the ending of ME3 due outrage and could not do the same "with ME4" and have Commander Shepard as a protagonist, nope not even any of the friends, companions we met while playing ME 1 to 3 ..all gone. You have to be this fugly, hipster generic 08/15 dude kid, NO ONE gives a fuck about it, this alone and the fact that some ppl. at EA working on the story?assets of ME game have left does not bode well imho for ME4 ...

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Gazondaily2812d ago

I'm glad PD have stepped up and made changes. The initial demo looked really crap and they now appear to have made significant changes. This is why you don't just accept any old crap shoved at you. That criticism has paid off and just like Respawn, PD have listened.

UCForce2810d ago

I agree with you on that one.

boodi2810d ago

bullshit ..they showd a very early work in progress and pussies were cryin for nothing ..they knew the game was completely alfa stage but they released what they had ( good thing ) . no criticism needed there , and the yet-scheduled work to be done has been done ,the full game is shaping up well . It seems (TO ME) they also learned more then a bit from last forza 6. which is good . I look forward to play it.

Ricegum2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I hope they didn't learn anything from Forza 6, GT is in another league to Forza.

Racers learn from GT.

boodi2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

competition is good
forza 6 is a friendly sim and a superb racer , thanks also to Turn10 efforts and competition hopefully and to my pleasure gtsport will be even better

each team improves on the other' strenght
sure Polyphony is learning something from forza 6 you can even check it on the different builds they showed up of gtsport

improving on each other strenght its a very good thing
in my book

do not discount forza 6
i expect gtsport to be ultimate and it looks good but the two are not very far

https://www.youtube.com/wat... https://www.youtube.com/wat... https://www.youtube.com/wat...

i look forward to play it and waiting to see a ps4pro version optimized now

jaseo2810d ago

need to start saving for a wheel now!

XStation4pio_Pro2810d ago

thank god. i used to love gran turismo but i felt the last couple releases have fallen behind the competition. i can't wait to see gt7 running on my newly acquired ps4 pro though - especially after reading this.