PSVR Titles Driveclub VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood & More Get PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Comparisons

Sony's PS4 Pro released only moments ago in Europe, and we are already starting to see an influx of videos demonstrating the supercharged console's improved capabilities.

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ibrake4naps2807d ago

Wow, not a big difference. I'll wait for ps5

CrimsonPheonix2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

People on this site will disagree but you're right. I've put 4K pro videos up on my 4KTV and have yet to see anything that makes me say "Wow!" I'm sure later titles will make better use of it, but for right now I haven't seen anything worth another $400 bones.

Skate-AK2807d ago

Most likely a heavily compressed video.

Errorist762807d ago

Why do you say another?! It's not like you can't sell your old PS4.

Tussin1872807d ago

I think I'll rely on an actual user experience WITH the system rather than someone who is just looking at a video. So sick of hearing from people watching videos.

I want actual hands on impressions and not from people who clearly don't want the system.

Oh wait, I have the system myself so I can perform my own opinion. I'll find out after work today. Man, I just wasted $400.


JackBNimble2807d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Since when did they make psvr 4k compatible? Psvr will never go beyond 1080p for this generation at least.
If you don't have a 4k TV and you bought a pro for psvr you probably won't see much difference.
The pro was intended for games to be played on 4k TV, and that is where you will see the improvements not on a psvr headset.
I'm not saying there won't be any graphical improvements on psvr, just not enough for me to upgrade for psvr alone.

Angeljuice2806d ago

Well it's 2.5 times more powerful so if it isn't much of an improvement it's down to the developer.
If they tap into the extra power it will look much better, it's unavoidable.

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GTgamer2807d ago

Were all these games patched?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

No. I have no idea why the video is trying to compare an unpatched game. A better comparison would have been Shadow of Mordor, Uncharted 4, Infamous SS, or The Last of Us Remastered. PS4 Standard vs PS4 Pro Enhanced on a HDTV.

Roaddhogg2807d ago

Actually, these were all included in the official list of titles to receive PS4 Pro support at launch, and have been patched accordingly. Don't know why people are claiming otherwise.

FunAndGun2807d ago


This is a VR comparison for VR games on a PS4 vs PS4 Pro. So I don't understand why those games would make better comparisons.

fr0sty2807d ago

Driveclub VR never was patched. No idea why they have it included in the list.

JackBNimble2807d ago

These are psvr comparisons on ps4 and the pro , these games were never intended for 4k . All this video tells me is the ps4 is quite capable of handling the psvr which is very good news for gamers .

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Freedomland2807d ago

These games aren't made for ps4 pro, They are ps4 vanilla titles unless patched, even then these are all first wave titles.

FunAndGun2807d ago

So what, this game is patched and should show the comparison between PS4 and PS4 Pro....which from this video doesn't seem like much of a change.

ShadowKnight2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Can't divide the ps community. This is still a PS4 and Sony made that clear. I'm more excited about all the games they have and a lot more is coming 😊

ps5fanboy2807d ago

That's ur choice but initial patches and updates , may not reflect future graphical updates...obviously.

SonyWarrior2807d ago

just wait till the scorpio is compared to ps4 pro.... haha they will have a magnifier glass to it to say theres any difference at all.

SublimeStylee2807d ago

Idiot reply...lol it just launched ull eat your stupid comment in less then 2 weeks. Ignorant like a child!!

Dannylew2806d ago

what difference want to tell with this compressed and blurred streams ?... see it in realtime. "on a good Panel"..

Digital Foundry and True reviews see a HUGE improvements.

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360WINS2807d ago

definitely see a difference1

Master of Unlocking2807d ago

The PS4 Pro does seem to improve the visuals of these VR games a bit, but as always it's hard to tell for sure on a youtube video. VR more than anything else HAS to be experienced for real to see what it's all about.

FunAndGun2807d ago

While I agree with it needing to be experienced, a comparison video should still show differences between the two regardless.

JackBNimble2807d ago

People should be happy that the psvr is just as capable on the og ps4. But when it comes to other games meant for 4k or more stability then yes you should see big improvements.

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