40 Games For Nintendo's Inevitable SNES Classic Edition

Twinfinite Writes: With the release of Nintendo's NES Classic Edition, it seems like a sure thing that we could see the same thing happen to the SNES. Here's 40 games that would be a perfect fit.

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mark_parch863d ago

this is what i'm waiting for. and for the love of god make the freaking controller wire longer or better still wireless

ccgr862d ago

Never owned a SNES as a kid, this would be perfect!

NotoriousWhiz862d ago

It's so hard to pick just 40 games for the SNES. A small number of my favorites that aren't listed include:

Secret of Evermore
Super Ninja Boy
Super Off Road
Joe and Mac 2

DragonKnight862d ago

Dude, literally never met anyone else who has even heard of Super Ninja Boy let alone liked it like I do.

Same with Secret of Evermore though just about liking it because people seem to think it's less of a game than Secret of Mana even though it's basically the same.

NotoriousWhiz862d ago

Nice. I actually just beat the game maybe 5 years ago with my nephew. It's one of the many unknown gems of the SNES.