We Need Video Games Now More Than Ever, Here's 5 Other Worlds Worth Getting Lost In

If you are feeling like you need to escape or simply take your mind off of current events, here's five amazing games that are more than worth getting lost in.

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Germany7735d ago

LOL at this article trying to spread the liberal agenda. Liberalism its over, you lost. America will be great again.

BrianOBlivion734d ago

STFU. Keep your douchebag politics to yourself. I come here to escape that absurd bullsh*t.

Germany7734d ago

Go to yout safe space then. You want to "escape" reality (just like a good liberal), but here you are commenting on an article spreading the liberal agenda, therefore, an article about politics.

BrianOBlivion733d ago

Ok @sshole, lemme explain something to you:
It's not about the left or the right, blacks or whites, haves and have nots.
It came down to the intelligent and informed vs the stupid and ignorant. Obviously the United States has the latter in much greater abundance...
...or to put it in terms that ALL Americans will understand -you f*cking morons that voted for that sociopathic idiot douchebag will have only yourselves to blame.
Remember this when he f*cks you in the ass.