Call of Duty Keeps Taking Away the Best Features

"I’ve been pretty into the Call of Duty franchise ever since Advanced Warfare released. I know that’s pretty odd because that was around the time a lot of gamers felt the futuristic style wasn’t for them, therefore quitting the series. However, for me personally, that’s where I was finally attracted to the franchise. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about the Call of Duty series, it’s that sometimes when a new game comes out, it’ll completely scrap awesome features that were in the previous game — sometimes even features that were just introduced." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Newmanator706d ago

Saying exos is a feature you enjoy will get you shot on this site! Beware!

brettnll706d ago

Well, I'm officially scared for my life! lol

Newmanator706d ago

I have to say I enjoy the exos as much as the old ones.
Now think of a game that has one story arc as someone in the future and one story arc back in WW2 and one story arc in MW, all 3 intertwine to one conclusion. Boom

MetroidFREAK21706d ago

Since Advanced Warfare... I'm speechless...

brettnll706d ago

I know I know, It's odd. I didn't hate the older games.

BL8CK1CE706d ago

I agree I think they should just mix it up old med future that way it's not the same thing every year. I still play all the cods but getting lil fatigued on the future stuff