Rumor: Saints Row coming to PS3

If game rumors can go one way (e.g., Metal Gear Solid 4), then turnabout in the other direction is only fair. It seems that another 360 exclusive is now also coming out for the PS3..

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marionz5239d ago

i downloaded the demo and its the most screwed up peice of [email protected] i ever played, sorry but mugging old ladys stabbing them and gang banging LOL pimps and ho's may be the norm in america but to me it is kinda SAD an embarassment on any system!

shotty5239d ago

EB games is the source...HAHA. You know they find out when we find out right.

CAPS LOCK5239d ago

but it try's to be san andreas too much, and mugging old laddies is boring, i havent played it alot but if this is true it is good for some people...anyway did they add anything new to this game???

T-Virus5239d ago

Mugging old ladies? I have this game and you can't mug old ladies... You can kill them, and money falls, but you can't mug them as such.
It's a really good game, I hope it does go to PS3 = More money for THQ = More quality sequels = happy gamers!

marionz5239d ago

atleast thats what it is here

Grown Folks Talk5239d ago

yay! graw, oblivion, fight night r3, and r6: v were never exclusive and full auto 2 is a separate game. i honestly can't think of any other "exclusives" they have lost to sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.