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Rangerman12081904d ago

Agree with everything except SAO Lost Song. It should be replaced with either Rehollow Fragment or Hollow Realization.

Also there are a few other anime games that were pretty decent:
Berserk (dreamcast)
One Piece Grand Adventures/Battle Rush
Samurai Champloo
Ghost in Shell PS1
Yugioh games
Bleach Soul Resurrection
Cowboy Bebop
Hajime no Ipo
Nitroplus Blasters
Dengenki Bunko
MS Saga

And as for anime like games:
Blue Dragon
Tales games (my favorites being Vesperia, Symphonia and Graces)
Valkyria Chronicles

1904d ago
Venox20081904d ago

I could recommend some japanese games, not exactly from anime..but still i think its worth to play for people who like anime:

Killer is dead, no more heroes (USA wii versiom), No more heroes 2, killer 7, okami, viewtiful joe 1 & 2, god hand