Spore's Piracy Problem

Forbes reports:

"How do you measure the failure of the copy protections that software companies place on their media products? In the case of Electronic Arts' highly-anticipated game "Spore," just count the pirates.

As of Thursday afternoon, "Spore" had been illegally downloaded on file-sharing networks using BitTorrent peer-to-peer transfer 171,402 times since Sept. 1, according to Big Champagne, a peer-to-peer research firm. That's hardly a record: a popular game often hits those kinds of six-figure piracy numbers, says Big Champagne Chief Executive Eric Garland.

But not usually so quickly. In just the 24-hour period between Wednesday and Thursday, illegal downloaders snagged more than 35,000 copies, and, as of Thursday evening, that rate of downloads was still accelerating. "The numbers are extraordinary," Garland says. "This is a very high level of torrent activity even for an immensely popular game title.""

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Rich16314389d ago

For a development studio that has got to be frustrating. Why do they even bother developing PC exclusives or even games for that matter anymore? PC users keep screwing them over. If I were a CEO, I'd say the "To hell with that" and just develop for consoles. You can even charge $10 more for the same game ($49.99 for PC games vs. $59.99 for console games) & milk them with DLC which you can't really do on the PC since they would just mod it.

FantasyStar4389d ago

I know if I saw a Console game marked up to $60 just because, I wouldn't buy it. Everyone should follow Nippon Ichi's example and price games back at the $50 mark.

Charmers4389d ago

yeah because console games are unpiratable ......... Oh no wait they aren't. Infact if you have a look both the 360 and PS2 versions of Force Unleashed are already out there being massively pirated.

As for the difference in price erm yeah you do know what that is don't you ? See that extra 10 bucks you pay for your console game, that never actually reaches the developers hands. Nope that extra 10 bucks (that PC gamers don't pay) goes straight into MS and Sony's pocket, it is a royalty fee you pay to play a game on a console you "supposedly" already bought.

Rich16314389d ago

Are you serious about the royalty fees? Damn that is uncool, I had no idea.

Charmers4389d ago

Very serious, that is why Sony initially sold the PS3 at a $200 loss they were hoping to make the loss up in game royalty fees. Both console companies take a slice from each game sale whether they have anything to do with the game or not. It has always been that way with consoles, I am a bit surprised you didn't know that.

Anyway that is why PC games are usually 10 bucks cheaper there is no royalty fee even though games are designed for Windows, MS doesn't take a royalty fee (it would be next to imnpossible for them to do it on the PC which is part of the reason they came up with the xbox).

orakga4388d ago

Charmers is right.

In fact, that's one of the ways Sony stole so many studios from Nintendo back in 1995 (during the PS1 vs N64 days); they offered lower royalty rates for developers.

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FantasyStar4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

And I thought Sony's Rootkits were bad. Regardless EA is only protecting their own interest. It's not like they intentionally want to screw every PC gamer out there. But I do not approve of their methods. 3 Installs per $50? no thanks. That's like Comcast charging $50 for every 250 GB. It's not the amounts that are the issue, it's the entire principle of charging by the load.

While I understand that our brothers' overseas might see us as being selfish because they get shorter caps, but the point is that in the States, people were never charged for per-capita pricing, but unlimited access. EA is limiting the installs to 3 to milk more money out of paying customers instead of punishing the thieves/scabs, just like Comcast.

Lumbo4389d ago

erm sorry, me, the poor oversea EU chap has a cheap unlimited 16mbit DSL line, and thats not unusual, flatrates are the norm for DSL lines and you hardly get anything slower than 6mbit. Actually the US is the country with the low capacity broadband right now, the other countries have invested into DSL coverage while the US cable companies seemingly have forgotten to upgrade their lines. And while the US customers fight over download limits for slow cable connections the oversea people get fiber optic vdsl lines to offer 50mbit+ to customers on a nationwide scale.

kevnb4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

I would still download a pirated version just so I wouldn't have to deal with annoying drm restrictions. AS of now, I haven't had a chance to even look into the game.

AliC4389d ago

I don't pirate games, cost of games does not bother me however due to EA's DRM I will likely be pirating this game simply for the fact I find the whole idea or DRM very bad.

Jdoki4389d ago

Well then why not BUY the game, and install the pirated copy if you have such big issues with DRM.

It's such an easy excuse to say 'I pirate because of DRM'. That's a crock.

If you want the game and want to support the developer then pay up.

darkstar4388d ago

And people like you are the reason drm exists.

Heldrasil4388d ago


It's not hard to install your legal copy, patch it and throw on a fixed EXE or use a fixed image file in daemon tools. the means for legit circumvention has been around for days.

agentace4388d ago

BUT stuff it its EA they have stuff me so many times

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cemelc4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Is WoW system, no other way.

It sucks but cd key wont work cos someone make the key generator, and good bye protection.

Everyone has a pc so its the easiest target.

Consoles are pirated too but you've got to pay for the machine, and consoles changes every 5 years or so(And the usual changes are the cd/dvd/blueray formats so it take a while for pirates to decrypt it, so its less widespread).

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