HIghly entertaining Blu-ray article

Capturing an act of almost shameless promotion and exaggeration to a level we've almost never before seen, we witnessed this beauty of an announcement on the show floor

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CAPS LOCK5240d ago

this article is not good, are they so scared to win that they have to brainwash the public? i mean i want blu ray to win because i like the format and i think it has potential( 200gb discs will be great) and i do support the ps3( i aint a fanboy i am getting the 360 and ps3) but i think they went too far, stop BS the public.

mishmosh5239d ago

Sure all those PS3 owners are buying BR--they have so few games, they may as well buy some HD movies.

Monchichi0255239d ago

on why people HATE Sony! It is stuff like this that has me jumping on the 360 bandwagon and vowing never ever to buy any Sony products.

richie007bond5239d ago

This sort of BS just makes me digg my heels in even further not to buy blue ray movies,it does them no favours,the sheer arrangance and excharrations just pisses me off,it shows how pathletic and desperate the blue ray camp are becoming

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