Kotaku Impressions: Alone in the Dark – If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

And if it is, fix the hell out of it.

That's exactly what developer Eden Games did following the overwhelming bitch storm that followed the PC and 360 release of the much-anticipated Alone in the Dark. Gamers all know the story: fiddly controls, broken gameplay mechanics and a truly agonizing root-hunting sequence that gets sprung on you towards the end of the game all added up to a mediocre action/horror experience most gamers were content to skip.

"It's not like we pretended we made the perfect game," said game designer Emile Morel as Kotaku sat down for some hands-on with the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark. "We read reviews… We wanted to make it better."

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Raoh4518d ago

that's good news.. i was excited about the title.. then i was sad to hear the poor reviews..

then i heard about the enhancement but wasnt expecting anything..

so reading this puts me back in the excited to play it stage..


this raises another question not about which machine is better or how to develop for what machine..

are games just being rushed? would pushing this game back originally another 2 or so months given us the same result we have now on the ps3 version or even better results across all platforms?

ViRaL-4518d ago

i really think that they rushed it.

name4517d ago

Nice. Sounds like they fixed a lot of the problems in the game. Dunno if I'll buy though. The very very "only if I absolutely need to buy this game" games for me are: Eternal Sonata, Motorstorm 2, Mirrors Edge, Silent Hill 5, and This. This being at the very very bottom of the list and Mirrors Edge being at the top.