European version of NES Classic doesn’t come with the cool poster

For some reason, Nintendo decided not to include the cool retro NES poster with the NES Classic in Europe.

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sonerone1718d ago

Pre order cancelled than

Master of Unlocking1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

We always get shafted over here. Prices that are not converted properly even when the euro is strong,games that are never released when they are in Japan & the US, or years later, black & white manuals when they are/were in full color in the US/JP version of the game, no 60Hz option back then on older systems (or very late in the PS2 system's life, and seldom implemented), plain generic white & black design on the side of PS2 games when the US/JP cases had custom designs, crap smudgy graphics during the NES era compared to the visual quality Japanese & American gamers were enjoying, etc.

I see these practices haven't changed much. Since Nintendo is at it again giving the europeans the short end of the stick, here's hoping the europeans will turn it back to nintendo by ordering their Mini NES from abroad.

Kurt Russell1718d ago

Mine arrived today. No poster :( (I really don't care)