Why the Sega Genesis is Finding Success in Brazil

The Sega Genesis has been beloved by many since its release in 1988. Brazil is currently manufacturing brand new models, but why?

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Lazybones20201802d ago

I would never game again if consoles rose to that price in the US.

MKUltra1803d ago

That's ridiculous. It's easy to forget about how different markets outside of the US are.

Lazybones20201802d ago

It makes you wonder how much Sony has to benefit by selling in the country at all. Of course it's best to reach as many consumers as possible, but that price is ludicrous.

UgoGalimbertti1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I'm from Brazil. Some console games in retail launch with the price tag close to 80$. Ps4 arrived here for more than 1000$ at launch.. and this go on, the gtx 970 was sold until some time ago for like 400$

UgoGalimbertti1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

in the other hand, steam keeps the price "freezed" since a few years ago (inflation here is a bit high).Most of the steam games then launch cheaper. Like Mafia 3 launched for 129 BRL, which is less than 40$. Only Bethesda charges 249 BRL in steam for new releases

Lazybones20201802d ago

I'm going to watch the video of him trying to dunk an oversized cookie in a glass of milk until the next president takes the office. His sense of humor was much appreciated.

miyamoto1801d ago

One of the greatest gaming console of all time.

meganick1801d ago

From what I understand, Sega still sells new Master Systems over there too.

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