PlayStation VR Launch Titles' First Week Estimated Retail Sales Rankings

Here are the sales estimates for the PlayStation VR launch lineup:
PlayStation VR Worlds - 85,915
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - 69,296
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League - 45,066
EVE: Valkyrie - 34,177
Batman: Arkham VR* - 31,933
DriveClub VR - 26,076
Battlezone - 16,427
Loading Human - 9,353
Super Stardust Ultra VR** - 6,058

*Not on sale at retail in Europe.
**Not on sale at retail in the US.

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UCForce2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

It's still impressive for PSVR. I have to agree that it doing better than Oculus Rift And Vive.
Now I know it not much like other major titles but this show how PSVR can help VR to maintain profit. People need to understand that we need to support VR generation 1, so we can see the improvement of VR generation 2 in the future.

DashArrivals2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Retail? I'm fairly sure a lot of people will be buying VR games digitally. The last thing you want to do when you change VR games on the fly, it take off the headet and change the disc and then put the headset back on and re-center the camera. At least in my case. Every single VR game I buy is digital and will be digital. I have 11 psvr games so far, all digital. I have not played Robinson yet because I'm waiting for my pro to be delivered.

It's a different story for just playing normal games though, obviously.

kowan2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Yeah, all of my PSVR games except for Robinson(since it's only $32 on Amazon) are digital as well. Considering how short most of them are, they just aren't worth buying physically.


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Garethvk94d ago

I can finally play Half Life Alyx.

mariopasta94d ago

I can finally watch pron, I mean watch pronouns be pronounced in PC VR games that were previously not available on Playstation.

crazyCoconuts94d ago

be careful not to sprain your... tongue pronouncing those pronouns

Profchaos94d ago

I'm excited for that to plus I can try fallout 4 VR always wanted to play that

crazyCoconuts94d ago

I was lucky and held off on 4 until I played it in VR. It really is pretty awesome - you'll love it.

DaReapa94d ago

The icing on the cake would be if Sony / Valve allow for a Steam Link app much like it is for the Quest 3. Likely wishful thinking, though.