Watch Dogs 2's Season Pass is Crazy (And Not in a Good Way)

Do gamers think spending $40 on Watch Dogs 2's season pass seems a little ridiculous? What is with these high-priced season passes?

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jznrpg2812d ago

Screw that, I will wait for the GoTY edition or whatever they call it and ehen that goes on sale as well. It may be a couple years but I can wait

UltraNova2812d ago

Good for you dude...but this is crazy...I mean after all the shit that happened with the first game you would think that Ubisoft had enough of the humble pie and that they would be more...generous and truthful?

Hell no!

If you need a goddamn spreadsheet to list your miriad special editions, season passes etc then you Sir(Ubisoft) just went full dark side on us.

I mean give us a break Ubi, EA and Activision are watching for crying out loud!

Deadpooled2812d ago

6 different editions lol they've gone mad

2812d ago
Derpy2811d ago

Ubisoft is as arrogant as they get. They deny anything is ever their own fault and blame the gamers. So they're not going to see the problems from the first game as something to learn from.

Dee_912811d ago

what pisses me off more than devs charging more money for stuff that should already be in the game is the people buying this crap. We need to come together and put an end to this greedy practice. It's gotten way worse over the years.

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AnubisG2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I'll be doing the same. Besides, all this hipster vibe the game has does not so it for me so I might not even pick this up at all. We will see.

Also, Battlefield season passes are usually $49.99 so this isn't new.

WushuKnight192812d ago

Also, Battlefield season passes are usually $49.99 so this isn't new.

So? Does that give them the right to keep doing it? What if the game turns out to be broken on release?

AnubisG2812d ago

Well, actually they have the right to charge whatever they want for their product. So yes, they have the right.

The correct question is; are they moraly justified to charge that ammount. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on what will be in that package.

geddesmond2812d ago

Yeah, I did that with the first watchdogs bro. Bought it for 10 euros on the store and played it for 30 minutes. It's garbage. Ubisoft have sucked pretty bad this generation. The last 2 games from them I enjoyed where AC2 and Far Cry 3. Major down slide with me since then.

As for the season pass prices. This is what I've started to do. I buy the main game and play that. If its a game I like then I'll finish and keep the main game. Then in 7-12 months after all DLC for that game releases I'll keep watch on the sales and buy the whole pass for 50-70% off. By then the game will be refreshed in my brain and i get to experience the full game the way it was originally visioned. If more people did that then these companies will either lower there season pass prices or never give sales but if something doesn't sell a company needs to make some money.

LabRat2812d ago

My problem is if I wait 7-8months I'm most likely never coming back to the game. With the amount of games that get released and my ever extending backlog which some of those will already most likely never see the inside of my disc tray, once i take a break from a game I rarely return to it

NicSage2812d ago

I'll wait for it on Humble Bundle.

Gaming4Life19812812d ago

lol that made me laugh as I will be doing the same......

akurtz2812d ago

season pass on single player games 😒

Deadpooled2812d ago

Seeing the number of editions of the game and the season pass made my reaction the same as that puppet on Fundle Bundle talking to Michael Scott. Effin rip off!

Blaze9292812d ago

It's getting crazy this generation. Sometimes feels like a slap in the face.

JackBNimble2812d ago

It is a slap in the face so don't support this crap by not buying the seasons pass. I also won't be buying this game either until ubi can prove that they can make quality games because all they have done lately is shit the bed.

MonsterChef2812d ago

I hate to sound old, but these are the reasons I haven enjoyed this generation. I get games that feel half-hearted and flat and I am expected to pay more on top of it to get the "complete" experience. This is the result of paying for horse armour and paying for maps a 12 years ago. I remember hearing people state that if you can't afford the add-ons you shouldn't even be playing games, and I always stated that that isn't the case, if we pay for this stuff now they'll make us pay for little things.

yezz2811d ago


It has definitely gotten out of hand and the situation is really annoying as a gamer. I only get season passes when I know they're gonna deliver(Witcher 3) so this isn't usually a problem but then there are games like Battlefield 1. I absolutely love the game but it has a ridiculously small amount of maps. There will be 16 new maps in the future which is great but the season pass costs like €50..... It's really hard not to buy it since I love the game but the price is just laughable.

DivoJones2812d ago

Look, publishers (especially Ubisoft) are going to push for DLC like this every time because there's enough suckers who keep paying it. So the answer: DON'T BUY IT. Ubisoft season passes are the worst. At least when they started this nonsense with Assassins Creed, there were missions you'd get (albeit ripped from the main story) .. this one is skins, a gun, a car, and a Co-Op difficulty? Good god. None of this affects the core game.. if you have $40 and are considering the season pass, maybe donate it to a good cause, or buy a Christmas present for a family member.

_-EDMIX-_2812d ago

Suckers? I'm sorry but the Gaming Community could not keep trying to demonize all consumers.

Reality if somebody finds it of a value, thus they pay for it....

That's it. Stop worrying about how other people spend their money.

OB1Biker2812d ago

I agree and it's the same thing for many games, I hate when people call others names and tell them how they must spend their own money because they have a different view.
I totally understand passion for a game even though for me this will be a definite....pass

MilkMan2812d ago

Problem, is the actions of some affect all. Our actions are acocunted for and affect teh whole. Its simply how it is.

Phunkydiabetic12812d ago

Exactly. OH NO THE SEASON PASS IS $40!! Who gives a shit, if you don't like it then don't buy it.

DragonKnight2812d ago

You have to worry about how others spend their money because, like laws, they set precedents. People with poor spending habits will affect product quality and ruin it for people who actually care about good quality products and not being gouged.

pompombrum2812d ago

^^^ Worrying about spending habits effecting quality of gaming products? That ship sailed years ago.. this article highlights that perfectly unfortunately.

_-EDMIX-_2812d ago

@milk-" Problem, is the actions of some affect all."

That's nice.

Do you think I honestly buy games for the sake of the community? Something is deeply wrong if you guys honest to God believe that people are purchasing games because of this reason, it doesn't make any sense , are you willing to purchase a bad game simply because the company is nice?

People purchase Things based on wanting it..

I understand that those actions affect everybody else but that is the point of the market. If the majority are okay with it and feel it is a value, then that is the way the market is going to turn it's a simple as that.

So what is your solution? Kill the majority? Help me understand what you even think a solution to something like this is?

rocketpanda2811d ago

It is inexcusable when thick headed gamers fork out for season passes for minimal content. Publishers have seen how shallow many gamers are so they have no qualms about cutting game content and selling it off at later days included in season passes.

Sure spend your money how you want, doesn't mean the practice of season passes is a good one. $60 is now the base price of a title where spending $100 upwards gives you the full content because that is how they sell games now.

_-EDMIX-_2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

@rock- let's just say for argument's sake that this company is as evil as you think it is why would they ever even give you that content if a season pass never existed in the first place?

So if they were going to charge you suddenly they are going to give it to you for free if the season pass the failed?

The issue about this is the people who assume that this content was ever going to be in the final game always seem to think the success of the season pass has something to do with the removal of the contact but if the company is truly this evil why on Earth would they then give you the same content for free if the season pass failed? So they lost money now they're going to proceed to lose even more money?

I'm truly not trying to be facetious, I'm merely trying to show you the logic of what you're trying to say doesn't really make any sense because the same company you're talking about in regards to being evil doesn't also sound like the same company that was ever going to give you that content in the main game in the first place.

downloadable content is not an afterthought anymore, it is not something that is merely being done late in the game, it is something that is being done deliberate and budgeted for which means that content was never going to be given to you for free in the first place.

What you define as "full" is subjective. You're never really going to know what that entails.

CD projekt Red created a series of downloadable content which easily this generation is going to Define how people feel about downloadable content in regards to a positive sense , could someone not argue that the full game of The Witcher 3 technically includes that downloadable content?

Could someone not argue that The Witcher 3 removed content to be sold later on? The reality is this could be claimed about every title to ever release with post-launch content.

I'm sorry but I just don't see it as a big issue because you're never even going to know what the final game is in regards to the actual development.

Anything you want as an extra is clearly going to cost for some developers that feel their content has a value.

How you feel about that content in regards to its value is as subjective as the game itself.

In terms of cut content that's always going to be a touchy subject because legally you don't even own that content to say anything is actually "cut". How could content be cut from you that was never legally yours in the first place?

For argument's sake let's say that the first 10 missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 were actually removed from the first Red Dead Redemption.

Did they legally owe you anything? Are you going to be rioting in the streets because of this? Companies are essentially free to copy paste cut remove whatever they feel like it from their actual games. It is their actual games first and foremost illegally. Even that being said I actually do not believe that is how the majority of downloadable content is created especially considering these companies are budgeting and even having completely separate teams creating downloadable content now, put it this way it was never going to be in the final game simply because these companies intend to make a return and they're not going to be spending money if they don't get anything back in return.

ie it's not being made if it's not going to be sold separately in the first

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georeo2812d ago

I think it's cause the pre_orders are way lower then the first game. The first games season pass was only $24 99.