A PS4 Owner Making the Switch to the Xbox one

Poli Games host Joseph, makes the Jump from the PlayStation 4 too
Microsoft's Xbox One S for over a month. Joe tries out games like Gears of
War 4, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Can
the Xbox One S sway this PlayStation fanboy over to the green side of the
aisle? What does the PS4 do better then the Xbox, and what does Microsoft
have over Sony? Can he find a middle ground?



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Aenea1718d ago

"there are no sides", exactly!

mikeslemonade1717d ago

Xbox offers virtually no advantage to the PS4. He just downgraded his experience.

darthv721717d ago

Or... he has moved into the neutral zone where he can enjoy both experiences. No harm in doing that.

(have not watched the vid yet, just making a general statement)

JamesBroski1717d ago

You should buy a console on the exclusives you want to play. Stop being a fanboy.

3-4-51717d ago

XB1 has one thing going for it that effects every game and that is the XB1 controller.

It's just factually more comfortable to hold and the clear winner for best controller ever.

So to say " no advantage "...I sound mad that something besides the thing you like is also liked by other people.

Like you can't even handle it....pathetic.

spicelicka1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

That's a stupid thing to say. Both consoles have advantages or no one would've bought an Xbox. You can't play Gears of war, Forza, or Halo on PS4, just like you can't play UC4, Bloodborne, on Xbox1.

For online multiplayer Xbox has the best experience and the best lineup, for story based games PS4 is the best as expected.

Please don't spew fanboy BS if you have no credibility.

joab7771717d ago

Except mods and it will be a huge issue if more games release with this support.

For example, there are entire new areas and storylines created by modders for free for Skyrim available now on Xbox. Not on PS4.

I love my PS4 and will get a Pro in a few hrs but I am actually angry about this b/c it makes no sense and goes against everything Sony has stood for this gen. It's absurd. Xbox has had Fallout 4 mods for!!

1717d ago
Aenea1717d ago

If you had watched the video it would be clear that he got the Xbox One S and used it for 30 days as his main console, afterwards he kept both his PS4 and the Xbox One S, even mentioned he will buy Titanfall 2 again on the PS4 so he can play it with his old PS4 friends and new Xbox One friends....

Benchm4rk1717d ago

You downgrade everyone's experience on N4G with your comments. Go away

rocketpanda1717d ago

Oh shut up! How is playing on another system a downgrade? Looks like he gained another system. You seem that people just give up on a console and 100% jump on to another. Silly fanboy child!

mark_parch1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

@ mikeslemonade
being able to play halo 5, forza horizon 3, gears of war 4, ori and the blind forest, sunset overdrive and dead rising 4 a year early are pretty good reasons, some people might also prefer the controller, the ability to play 4k blu rays and backwards compatability. also people might be looking forward to halo wars 2, sea of thieves, scalebound, crackdown 3, cuphead, below and state of decay 2. there's also the preview program where people have been playing games like ark and elite dangerous where they will be able to play astroneer soon. they are some advantages xbox has over ps4. some would argue it has a better online service as well

MagicBeanz1717d ago

@ HaydoThePotato

Its got more down votes then up votes now so based on your logic are you going to call this site pro xbox now or does it only work one way?

thisismyaccount1717d ago

Especially now with "Play Anywhere" ... i see no reason to get an XB1s. I don´t buy any discs anymore, so that UHD 4K BD is worthless to me (the only reason i can see for some folks out there). I´ve played and dropped too much $$$ on former XB1 exclusives on the PC and so far, not one has impressed me.

Among those that i´ve played FMH3 and Ryse were prolly the best offerings, QB, Gearsofwar4 were huge letdowns (if i only had done some research, prior getting gears4 .. who knew that, i was going to be a playing a "fuckboi" nathandrake type of guy instead of the iconic-bad-ass-mofo Marcus Fenix?!)

So much hype, and both uber IPs have sadly flopped (terms of sales QB and reviews Gears4). I´m sorry BUT The Coallition and the 343 Industries guys/girls are not good at making videogames. QB is such a farçe of a game, gives you options to choose A or B ... but then invalidates them by letting you "play" as the antagonist for a level or two and has the balls to ask you once again pick A or B.

Review Gears 4

If Forza Motorsport Horizon were an Exclusive, i would have gotten an XB1s. The only REAL exclusive the Xbox really has, in house exclusive and one that does not suck at all.

Microsoft has TWICE the gaming studios than Sony/Nintendo ... yet only delivers the same "shaite" annually?! Thankfully FMH3 is actually a fun racer.. but how come? Twice the numbers, yet ... all we get are Forzas/Halos/Gears ... SONY has yet to release a friggin Gran Turismo! game ... 1xKillzone x 2x Remasters 3 years versus 3ish Halos (+wars), 3?xish Forzas and 2xish Gears.

They have to step up by a factor of 100%. Remedy´s QB is such a letdown ... i can not believe that QB was done by the same guys/girls the made Max Payne 1 and 2, what a mindfukc.

cyber_daemonx1716d ago

@345, thats entirely subjective. If you don't like asymmetric sticks then forget it.

ZeroX98761716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )


Depends. If he played some of the sony exclusives and realized he prefer the MS ones, makes sense someone like this would switch to the X1. One of my friend literally wanted to buy an X1 alongside his High end PC and PS4 JUST because of halo 5. The no splitscreen made his decision easy, but it's just to show how much influence MS exclusives can have on some gamers choices.

IamTylerDurden11716d ago

The xbone controller is feature lacking compared to the DUALSHOCK 4. I think the DUALSHOCK 4 is easily the best controller this gen. The shorter sticks, easy to press shoulder buttons, great d-pad, share button, great feel, touchpad, speaker, micro bead grip on the back, and a 3.5 jack.

1716d ago
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MatrixxGT1717d ago

That's why I have both. There's things I like and dislike about both platforms.

81BX1717d ago

Same... I have always prefered xbox but ps has been a great buy. Excellent systems and library

Kurt Russell1717d ago

Xbox One S was my gateway onto the platform (currently owning a PS4 the rest of this gen). I have really enjoyed what I have played on it, particularly Horizon 3. Tomorrow I get my Ps4 Pro upgrade, this has been an expensive end of the year :P

Da12RespectA1716d ago

Can't go wrong with both.

XanderZane1717d ago

Not for me. I just play them both. Not just about the exclusives. It's about different genres, the controller, playing with friends, playing online and other different reasons for owning both systems.

Nu1717d ago

Playstation is the movie experience Uncharted 4, Xbox is the Multiplayer Gears of War 4

CoryHG1716d ago

The fact that BF1 runs at 720p on Xbox and 900p on PS4 says enough. Add the Pro into that, and it's ballgame. I haven't touched my xbox one in a few months and am on my ps4 daily. I think Forza is entertaining, but GOW blows and Halo was a letdown. Cancelled Fable project and no interesting new IPs.

UntrainedN00B011716d ago

Your actually wrong bf1 runs with a dynamic resolution on both ps4 and xb1 and xb1 has a slightly more stable frame rate. likewise I ain't used my ps4 other than to update it, once I got done with uc4 it offered me nothing else I was interested in. I use my Xb1 every day And prefer Xbox live over psn plus I don't trust Sony enough due to security issues with account being compromised. About the games you mentioned that's just your opinion but I actually enjoyed both GOW and Halo and having dedicated servers for online makes a difference

Derpy1716d ago

Yeah, what's the point in making a switch, just keep your PS4 and get the Xbox too. I don't currently have an Xbox one, but I'm planning to get the Scorpio when it is released. I figured why waste money on a PS4 Pro when I can continue to enjoy PS4 exclusives on my current PS4 and add to my library Xbox exclusives while enjoying all future enhanced multi platform games on the Scorpo.

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SynestheticRoar1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Give mo 5000 dollars and I'll will make believe, I made the switch too.

BizarroUltraman1717d ago

Its not a rare thing to see someone go from Playstation to Xbox or vice versa, happens all the time.

SideNote1717d ago

Yes I went from ps to xb. No different when I went Sega to Nintendo In te good ol days 😜

Benchm4rk1717d ago

Yep I recently got a friend at my work to pick up an Xbox One S. He has always owned PlayStation and never owned a single Xbox. He had never played a Gears or Halo game. Showed him the Gears 4 trailer and he really liked it. He bought the console and played through Gears 1 2 and 3 before picking up 4 and he loved them all. He is currently playing through all of the Halo games and he is really enjoying them too. His PlayStation is still his main console and now that I'm picking up a PS4 pro he is trying to get me to buy Watchdogs 2 on that so we can do some Co op stuff together. Good times to be had on both platforms.

InTheZoneAC1716d ago

but it makes no sense

I was all in with nintendo and eventually made my way to playstation due to not caring about the direction nintendo was headed. And I've been getting back into nintendo the last few years but they're not at the top like they once were.

I could see xb to nintendo or xb to playstation but never playstation to xb or playstation to nintendo. These two compliment each other but one is simply the odd ball here.

XXanderXX1717d ago

Good for you , you enjoy .

Fist4achin1717d ago

There's no need for drama, play them all!

Fist4achin1717d ago

No. Been gaming probably longer than you have been alive. I've joined these boards over the past spring, but have been visiting for over the past couple of years.