Five Popular Xbox 360 Titles That Could Be Playable This Month On Your Xbox One

ThisGenGaming says "Que the trippy music, I’m going to use my powers to predict what Xbox 360 games might become backwards compatible on the Xbox One this month, ok, so no real powers just educated guesses. The Xbox 360 has some really cool games, a lot of these games are already backwards compatible, and a lot are not, It’s a project Microsoft has been working on for some time now, and usually every month new games become backwards compatible."

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gangsta_red2325d ago

Would be cool to see some more obscure titles for the BC released like El Shaddai and Resonance of Fate.

Resonance of Fate deserves a sequel, c'mon sega.

christocolus2325d ago

I hope they finally bring vanquish over to BC.

MetroidFREAK212324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Yes! Metal Gear Rising Revengence as well :)

rigo85822324d ago

Would like to see GTA IV and FFXIII hit the list.

2324d ago