Nintendo Releasing New Nintendo 3DS Models for Only $99.99

Nintendo is releasing two New Nintendo 3DS models this month for only $100 bucks.

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PhoenixUp1804d ago

Speaking of cheaper 3DS models, how about a cheaper Wii U model Nintendo

Gr8saiyaman881803d ago

I don't think they'll release something new but soon we'll see some big discounts. Not sure if at this point it's worth doing big bundles for the Holidays since all hype is on Switch.

deafdani1803d ago

They also have the NES Mini coming up, don't forget about that.

Talk about an easy way to make a shitload of money.... :P

PhoenixUp1803d ago

Yet we aren't even getting any info on Switch this holiday season, so it's even more ridiculous for Nintendo to not have any sort of holiday deals for Wii U.

Gr8saiyaman881803d ago

It definitely seems like Nintendo gave up on this Holiday season console-wise. As for 3DS, they have Pokemon and Yokai Watch 2 I guess haha. And Mario Party: Star Rush.. *cough* :p I think a Harvest Moon game came out today too?

Nivekki1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

'Speaking of cheaper 3DS models'

Yes 3DS, not Wii U. I know you're a bit thick, but it wasn't talking about the Wii U.

PhoenixUp1802d ago

I know but that doesn't just make the issue nonexistent. Try to keep up

MasterCornholio1804d ago

The faceplates look nice as well.

What I like about the New 3DS is the fact that when I get bored of the design I can always swap it out for another

TorpeAlex1803d ago

I really, really wish the 3DS XL had faceplates.

MasterCornholio1802d ago

That's one of the reasons why I didn't buy it. For me the size of the New 3DSs screen is good enough for me. I love the fact that when my faceplates get scratched up or I get bored of then, I can just replace them.

Fist4achin1803d ago

I wish 3DS games would drop in price more often.

Gr8saiyaman881803d ago

Definitely. Sadly, it seems like Nintendo usually likes keeping their game prices up for a long time.

MasterCornholio1802d ago

Nintendo could release more Nintendo selects.

ABizzel11802d ago

You should probably save the $100 for the Switch when it drops in March if you can wait.

Skillz12151802d ago

i thought this was the XL so i am going to hold off. Cannot wait for thr switch

blawren41802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

If someone wasn't an early adopter of the 3ds, then it might be safe to assume they wouldn't for the switch either. There aren't exactly any confirmed games for the switch launch yet, but plenty of 3ds games to play.

Just ready the next comment, guess I was wrong

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The story is too old to be commented.