Short Pause Podcast #93: Blizzcon Recap, Activision Talks Destiny 2, & Can PS4 Pro Win Over Gamers?

Short Pause: "It's a two-man show this week as Brent and Ben break down all of the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. Topics this week include the launch of PS4 Pro, Blizzcon 2016, Mass Effect: Andromeda, the production future of the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Destiny 2, the next Tomb Raider game, Thatgamecompany's next title, and tons more! Kick back, enjoy the show, and subscribe in iTunes, Soundcloud, TuneIn Radio, or Google Play."

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TheDude791621d ago

Just picked up my 4K HDR tv this morning, I figured if I'm grabbing a PS4 Pro on Thursday, I may as well go all out for it. There's just too many hands-on impression stories (compared to the fanboys who think their pessimism is more reliable and fact) out there that are speaking very highly of the PRO and its capabilities. It doesn't help that I'm a tech whore as well.

tazmeah1621d ago

I'm more interested in hearing about the performance gains for PlayStation VR. Many of the reviews coming out today talk about the PRO itself and some of the games that have received Pro patches. While some of referenced that PSVR games should improve, there haven't been any in-depth analysis yet.