Robinson: The Journey tests VR gaming’s $60 price barrier

We’ve been looking forward to Robinson: The Journey for a long time. The game, which is all about close encounters with dinosaurs, is positioned to become the latest showpiece for Crytek’s game engine and its ability to create gorgeous virtual worlds. Crytek released The Climb (Review: 8/10) on Rift for $50 earlier this year and we found it to be a great game able to imbue genuine exhilaration inside an eye-popping environment, and we look forward to re-evaluating it with the forthcoming Touch controls.

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Errorist762757d ago

Great to see this getting some better reviews. 60 is still pretty steep.

Zeke682757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Sad to see prices like this for VR. Exactly everyone I know that owns PS VR think its too much with 60Euro (here in Sweden) and if this becomes the norm, the gaming industry will kill VR before it even has a true chance to take off.
I paid a 5th of that price for Firewatch and that lasted me exactly 5 hours so why pay 60Euro for 3-3½ hours of gameplay ?!! Just because its VR doesnt make it worth 6 times more. I upgraded Driveclub VR for 20 Euro and I still play it after I got the Platinum Trophy and it just keeps on giving. Guess I keep on playing that and the other VR games I own and hope for a Blackfriday/Cybermonday/Christ mas sale on this title...

TheOptimist2757d ago

Well I think that with every newly introduced piece of tech, entry barrier is always high. Someone once told me- Always be 1 step below the top most thing. Maybe that influenced my decision to go with a GTX 1070 instead of the best GPU out there, but it still applies here. If you are on a budget, try to wait for some time, it's not like PSVR is running away anywhere.

Errorist762757d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

That's exactly how to do it. Always buy the second best stuff, at least that's how it is for upgrading your PC.

Utalkin2me2757d ago

Well you can find it alot of places for 40 bucks and even 32 bucks on amazon.

Zeke682756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

No Amazon in Sweden but thanks anyway. ( Not much of an import guy)
Just like the streaming instead of UHDdrive on the PRO. Sony - we only got Netflix 4k with what 20 movies? And we cant rent or buy movies here over PS Store. .. I think PRO seems great but lack of UHD drive make me believe Sony lost touch with smaller markets like Sweden sadly. .. 😭😕🙁
Sorry for rant. .. I guess I have too wait out Robinson. And I still think its too expensive for a short game, new technology or not !!

Errorist762756d ago

@Zeke how many 4K movies are there atm?! 10?! And even those are just upscaled sub-UHD material.

Zeke682756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I agree, but I think more long term, I bought OG PS4 on release day, and since then, PS VR and a Samsung top off the line 4K TV, tomorrow hopefully the Pro arrives and Im set for a few years actually. I would rather have UHD in the Pro for the coming 3-5 years when UHD movies start to pour out on the market in greater numbers and in better quality.
But now I know that Sony wants to milk me even more with a PS5 or so.. don't feel good to be honest!!
And before you "streamers" come to defend Sony or whoever, I own over 1500 DVD and around 800 Blurays, so I rather see less movies in better quality than some fake 4K streams. That's just how I am :)
And if anyone feel tempered to say "buy an Xbox slim" ...well, check out some REAL homecinema site that tests it and you'll see they cheaped out on it, I'm sure Sony would have put a real good one into the Pro if they decided to go that route.
End of the line, if Sony releases ANOTHER Pro WITH UHD like early next year, I'm done with their milking of me, I hope for firmwareupgrade even if it's a long shot ;)
Sony did truly great stuff last years, but no UHD drive and a VR breakoutbox WITHOUT HDR i just not cool for all the money we have to spend too get all this technology into our homes. I just wish more people had the guts to speak up on this. Maybe I'm just a minority.. ;)
Edit: spelling

Scatpants2757d ago

60 is too much for me for a 4 hour walking simulator. Amazon has it for $31 if you have Prime. I would have rather gotten it digitally, but screw paying $60.

Fearmonkey2757d ago

I got it for $32 on Amazon as a Prime member.


Crytek Adds Touch Support to 'Robinson: The Journey'

Robinson: The Journey has just received Vive and Oculus Touch Control Support on PC.

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MrFisher212439d ago

PSVR next please. So odd using a controller for this in VR


Crytek Adds HTC Vive Support to Robinson: The Journey

This is Crytek’s first release for HTC Vive.


CryEngine 5.4.0 Preview Adds Robinson: The Journey Tech

Lifelike vegetation is coming to CryEngine thanks to the studio’s VR experimentations.

nishanth1232496d ago

Nice.. more VR games, the merrier.