Dishonored 2 Platinum Requires Completing the Game Twice, No Kills, and Not Being Spotted

A full listing of the Dishonored 2 trophies have appeared on PSN Profiles.

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2pacalypsenow2405d ago

Platinumed the 1st game, shouldn't have to much trouble with the 2nd.

IndominusRex2404d ago

Same. Can't wait to play a day early since i preordered it!!!

opinionated2404d ago

But...but... there won't be a day 1 review. That's an awfully dangerous mindset you have.

Bennibop2404d ago

Same platinumed the first game and have preordered. Not worried about reviews as paid £20 due to Amazon ps4 pro preorder offer.

morganfell2404d ago

"But...but... there won't be a day 1 review. That's an awfully dangerous mindset you have."

Yeah because ignoring a bunch of adolescent know-it-alls with zero standards and instead relying on my own judgement might impact my the best way possible.

opinionated2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Sarcasm my dude... I was making fun of all of the journos saying that Bethesda policy sets a "dangerous precedent".

@rocketpanda below
I would support an industry wide policy like that. I have no loyalty to Bethesda. They only hurt themselves by pushing people away from day 1 purchases. A lot of us buy games day 1 regardless of reviews. I like the developer, I like dishonored 1, it's not a big leap for me to gamble on that purchase. For those that are skeptical, simply wait. Hear from the community instead of 20 publications that are full of shit anyway.

TheColbertinator2404d ago

@opiniated Those "journalists" just want free games and easy hits. I agree with you on how they are acting.

morganfell2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago ) dude,

My remark isn't a slight on you at all. Rather a play off your words to post my remark. If you reread my comment you will see I am actually agreeing with you. The second sentence in your post makes your point patently clear. I do not require a /s.

rocketpanda2404d ago

It is easy to make the excuse that those "journalists" just want free games when a publisher consumers love do it. I bet if EA or Activision takes on this policy most here in support of Bethesda won't be saying the same thing and would say how wrong they are. It is about them controlling the message of a games through hype regardless if will be good or not. They are still handing out reviews copies, but far too late to launch for an credible reviews or general consensus of how a game might be.

I won't be surprised if more vendors break release dates and embargoes. Standard journalists probably won't do that as they have to kiss publishers backsides for news, preview events and access to their game to keep their publications open for business, but more modern and independent media outlets have emerged and aren't held to the same shackles regular outlets have which is a great thing.

Sure, make your own judgement, anyone buying any game solely based on a single journalistic review is stupid. Then again, if said review is a 8,9 or perfect 10 but was in fact a broken buggy mess of game and different from final release then who do you blame - yourself, journalists or the publisher of the game?

Bethesda published my favourite game of 2016 so far, Doom but I have no love for their policy and could careless for how much they hype their games. They know they can get away with it because idiots will buy games regardless.

What is next, controlled review environments like Konami done for MGSV or getting access to early review copies for good reviews in favour like WB games. This industry is turning into shit. But at least the fanboys keep it alive defending the indefensible.

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opinionated2404d ago

Love these types of cheevos. The first one I tried was human revolution and it got me into stealth type gameplay that I haven't enjoyed since tenchu.

Elda2404d ago

I won't be getting a platinum trophy,never cared about that.I definitely want to kill things knowing that's what your powers are for.Getting this Friday.

showtimefolks2404d ago


i am like you just play the games and whatever trophy unlocks

I want to have fun and not do something just got sake of a video game trophy

ShellB2404d ago

Yup I'm with you. I remember a time where I cared for trophies. That time is long gone. Too many games in my backlog.

quent2404d ago

Did Dishonored on console have a quicksave option and does anyone know if the this new one will also have it ?

Psychotica2404d ago

Yes you could have many saves and go back easily to a previous save if you messed up.

Irishguy952404d ago

no quicksave button, menu only

ClayRules20122404d ago

Well, There goes my hopes of getting a platinum trophy for this game. Now what the hell am I suppose to do?, "Pardon my language" still really excited for this game, lol.

Best of luck to all who try to get the platinum. I hope you all succeed and have an awesome time with this fantastic looking game!

opinionated2404d ago

Why not try? You don't think it's possible or it just sounds boring? I thought it sounded boring until I tried it, it's quite challenging.

ClayRules20122404d ago

I don't think It's possible for me. I did decent with the stealth in the first game, but I always got spotted. I also don't think I'm that good of a gamer.

opinionated2404d ago

Yeah it's a lot of trial and error lol. It's possible tho!

ClayRules20122404d ago

A lot of trial and error indeed lol. I hope you get that platinum, buddy =)

I kinda've wanna take the challenge now. I'll give it a try. If by some chance, I achieve this, I'll personally message you and give thanks!

opinionated2404d ago

I'm not going for platinum but I will try the no detection/no kill on my second playthrough. Best of luck man, you can do it.

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