Heavy Rain play target is "8-12 hours," says Cage

Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Quantic Dream boss David Cage said a single walk through of top drawer PS3 thriller Heavy Rain is likely to take no more than 12 hours.

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Fishy Fingers4511d ago

Short, but luckily there are countless ways to play through it. To the extent that you should never have the same experience twice (although many developers claim this, Heavy Rain is a game that might actually deliever on it).

LikAChicken4511d ago

true but they better if they are going to go for people's wallets. There is probably no multi player(maybe), so they should definitely work on re playability for this game


does EVERY game this gen have to have multiplayer? Tell me, how would multiplayer even begin to make sense in a game like this. Quit it with the multiplayer nonsense. If people want an interesting storyline and game mechanics (catered to an adult audience as well), they can pick this up. If not, their loss!

Tarasque4511d ago

Ok well they won't get my money, another PS3 rental for me. Seems like a bad trend to me. Heavenly Sword beat in a little over 7 hours, Uncharted beat in over 7 hours, MGS4 beat in a little over 10 hours, GT5P beat in a little over 3 hours. While the gaming is good the short time's are the worst i have seen for exculsive's.

Omega44511d ago

The only reason multiplayer is important this gen is because games are so expensive to buy

Whos willing to pay £50 or $60 for an 8hr game?

Le-mo4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

I don't get people obsession with multiplayer this gen. They seem to forget that not EVERY game needs multiplayer. Next thing you know people will demand multiplayer for action adventure, JRPG's, and WRPG's...oh wait.

Montrealien4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

About the same as Fahrenheit and that Works for me. I can't wait to play this game.


I pay 10$ for a 1-2 hour movie in the theater, not counting the restaurant ect. For me, if a game is around ten hours it means it cost me 6$ an hour to entertain myself and that is money well spent imho. And if there is a good replay value it gets even cheaper. In other words, I am willing to pay 60$ for a ten hour game.

Daver4511d ago

I dont get the multiplayer thing... I prefer paying 60$ for a good single player experience than have a boring and repetitive multiplayer ( dont get me wrong some games that has multiplayer are fun but dont need this mode in every game)

Popeye4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

It's not so much multiplayer as it is value. I really don't know how or if MP could work in Heavy Rain. But MP generaly adds many hours of game time to a title. Imo an 8-12 hour SP experience is a flat rental (why spend $65 when you can have the exact same experience for $5). 20+ hour SP is a definate purchase if I'm interested and the reviews are good. If you want to buy that amount of game time, then don't worry about it, just buy it. But not everyone looks at it the way you do.

Xakep4511d ago

To everyone clamouring for multiplayer, can you please tell me how the F*CK you'd expect MP to work in Heavy Rain?

HighDefinition4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

Let me put it this way......SHADOW OF TTHE COLOSSUS can be beaten in about 4HRS. That doesn`t stop it from being the BEST GAME I played on PS2.

EDit: Omega
This game seems VERY replayable, from what we`ve heard.


Omega44511d ago

But it didnt cost £50 or $60 did it, not to mention i think it had a time attack mode as well

All i know is this game better have an extensive reply value or not only will the reviews suffer but so will it sales since everyone will just rent it instead

SL1M DADDY4511d ago

Need to set the game on hard and get the full experience. Too many folks complain about games being too short but then tell ya they didn't get all the extras in the game or had it set on normal mode. Sorry, but 12 hours is plenty for me and as part of a large demographic, I do not have time to spend 40 hours on one game for every release out there. A 12 hour stint is nice and it enables me to see the game from start to finish before the next big release comes out.

AAACE54511d ago

Yet if this game were on the 360, people would find every way possible to cut it down (like Gears of War).

People are strange I tell ya!

LikAChicken4511d ago

Okay indigo did I speak for everyone? I've put in many hours in Oblivion and I still haven't finished (Haven't played recently). All I'm saying is that they (like Oblivion and other games before it) should have strong replayablity value. I would like to know that I'm shelling out $60 for a game that won't just satisfy me for two days. Others may be okay with it, but personally I like replayablity.

SL1M DADDY4511d ago

Only the fanboys would do that and you know it. This game regardless of what system it is coming out on will be good and the length is not an issue for those who like games like this.

Games that are 8 to 12 hours long are the games that the largest demographic wants. Keep the long games far and few between and let me have the ones that don't take weeks to beat.

And for the record, Gears was a decent length if played on the hardest setting - just as it should be played.

gaffyh4511d ago

MGS1 - can be completed in 3.5 hours (or less) - still one of my favourite games ever.
Uncharted - was also about 8 hours long, completely worth buying, one of the best games this gen. Also Heavenly Sword is very underrated, it is a great game, but got bad reviews because it is short.

Heavy Rain will most likely have a lot of replayability firstly because of trophies, and secondly because it seems like you can play this game from different perspectives (David Cage said that the game continues even if the main character dies).

Also 12 hours is more than enough for single-player heavy game, personally I'd rather have a good story and no multiplayer, than a crappy story with multiplayer.

tordavis4511d ago

If COD4 wasn't online, I would have stopped playing last year. Because of the multiplayer aspect, I haven't been able to stop playing. Talk about bang for your buck!

BlackTar1874511d ago

How did you beat GT5P in 3 hours you have to race longer then that I mena I got first alot and 3 hrs was way out of possible for me but maybe cuz i suck. but MGS4 I also call your bluff that you beat it on your first playthorough in 10hrs. But like someone said if its so short play it on hard from the beginng lik emost people who blow thru games ive been playing on ahrd since ps1 after games got shorter but more detailed and better production.

4511d ago
Tarasque4511d ago

Sorry you pay 10 bucks to go to the movies. First showing costs me 5 bucks.

Could care less if you believe me or not....

Start every game on hard on the 360 cause of achievements...

Some games longer than 10 hours that i own for the just the 360.
Orange box
Dead Rising
Rainbow six vegas, on hard
Ninja Gaiden 2, on path of a warrior

BlackTar1874510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Its the easy way to ignore someone who calls you out. Please explain how you beat GT5P please at least in the short time you said.

Orangebox as in Episode 1 and 2 together took you over 10hrs LOL.Okay portal 2 lol okay.
Bioshock you claim you beat MGS4 in under 10hrs but couldn't beat Bioshock in under 10hrs LOL.

I wasn't calling your bluff to pick a fight I was really curious about GT5P. and a little concerned you were able to beat MGS4 so fast on your first playthorugh but struggled to beat bioshock under 10hrs is all.

People who ignore people like you did like I don't care if you believe me our not is just a cop out . I Mean be fair all you did was name the ps3 games it took you under 10 hrs and later on made a list of xbox games that took you over 10hrs and 2 of them are real questionable to someone with your skills able to beat gt5P and mgs4 in what 4 hrs andmgs under 10 is that 9hr 50mins or 8hrs or 7 hrs or maybe it will be the convient something like 9hrs and 20mins thing.

I'm not here to have a pissing contest with you tara. but your past comments reak of Bias and therfore its hard for me to take your word for it esp. since you chose to name one systems game that dont and not ones that do but sure did name your other systems game that went over 10hrs. You may and try and hide your bias but its obv.

Dead Rising=Took me 8hrs I did most stuff Extras that is.

So what Im saying and I hate defending one group to another but your list doesnt really add up you able to beat longer games shorter and shorter games longer is weird was all I wanted to point out.

DaTruth4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

I've been paying $60 for games since Sega Master System. I don't know what you guys are talking about. And I couldn't get Phantasy Star because it cost $100.

And seriously, I played MGS4 and Uncharted over 5 times each. Uncharted on crushing and MGS4 on Boss Extreme stealth take a while.

@Tara:Five of those games are on PS3 ;-)

vickers5004510d ago

"I would like to know that I'm shelling out $60 for a game that won't just satisfy me for two days. Others may be okay with it, but personally I like replayablity."

Agreed. If it is a short, but awesome game, I will buy it later on Amazon used. Devs don't work hard enough these days, and almost all creativity has vanished.

Tacki4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Are you saying you skipped all or most of the cutscenes in MGS4 on your first playthrough? That is the only way you could have beaten it in 10 hours.

Willio4510d ago

"The only reason multiplayer is important this gen is because games are so expensive to buy

Whos willing to pay £50 or $60 for an 8hr game?"

Yes...Fable 1... 6hr RPG. Epic. Nuff said.

CrazedFiend4510d ago

some of you guys seem to have no real clue about what they're trying to do with this game. Just because the story will only be 12 hours, does mean that there's only gonna be 12 hours worth of story in the game.

You forget that EVERY decision you make in this game will supposedly change the story. There's NO WAY they can do that and make the main story the epic 20+ hours some of you seem to be clamoring for.
You want a longer game? Play it a different way your second time through and you'll get something new.

OK. If it were an RPG then yeah, 8-12 would be short. But of the non-RPG games that did reach some level of popularity, how many of them were ever really any longer than that to begin with?

vickers5004510d ago

"some of you guys seem to have no real clue about what they're trying to do with this game."

And you do?

Tarasque4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Didn't watch a single cutscene through MGS4 and what is funny is what kind of design is flawed when you can just run through the map to load the next cutscene when enemys are chasing you. I had to only restart 2 races on GT5 took me right at 3 hours and 20 mins. So you are tealling me Half life episode 1 and 2 and portal didn't take you longer than 10 hours together, cause that was packaged as 1 game 60 bucks, understand.

Montrealien4510d ago

Tarasque likes to go against the grain, it makes him feel special. And he is always right. yep, I was able to decipher that about his character in 2 comments. He stands out like a Giraffe in a lama farm.

BlackTar1874507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

I know yo uhave no bubbles but please send me a PM or something.

Becasue No ep. 1 took me under 4 hrs and so did ep.2 portal took me about 1.5 hours.

So now on to MGS4 so you played the whole game without cutscenes and it was under 10hrs wow why'd did you even play? Seems kinda fishy to me to say the least I dont get why. are you that simple minded that all you need is a gun and nothing more and you ahve the time of your life? Not that its a bad thing on MP and singleplayer game that is just storyless is dumb and this is the problem with this new generation of gamers they have no imagination or anything point proven thanks.

now GT5p how did you beat it i call BS it doesnt make sense you ahve to race a certain amopunt of time to get cars to race the other maps are you saying you did high performance races with what? you have to get the money and I can guarntee you couldnt get the money in 3 hrs considering the short maps with the laps included plus laoding and such take about 1o mins. i dont know ther eis to many things to buy and preset limits on races until you invest enough time to get the money.

So you actually went thru the most realistic racer with a exotic or a sports car and got 1st everytime but twice. LOL you sound like you dont even know how the game works. LOL. unless you drive exotics all the time and just mastered GT of old then I call bluff. I wish it had a timer I would love to see a video with your cars selection at 3hrs 20mins. I love the 20mins line its always used its a Im lying but I cant be i said 20mins not even 3 or 4hrs I'm sorry. but you play a game by clicking thru the cutscenes in under 10hrs and claim that as what. I can beat most games after the first playthrough in 1/2 the time whats that mean you didnt play the game the way its supposed to be played and use it as fodder to support your pro one console agenda Im sorry i call lies all up and down your post and its obv. with you 3hr 20mins. all the sudden yeah I played it in a rush so its its fault it lasted under 10hrs.thats like me playing Bioshock thru using the strategy guide from the beginng and claim its a short or easy game when in reality i didnt play it right.

Im sorry but your lying and your replys feed that fire. How exactly did you get the money to race the final races in 3hrs and if you have GT5p i got it to if your that good ill take you on online.


If your true you should be able to beat me by such a huge margin and so easily its not even funny and I play it still a good amount with friends.

I know i cant prove it since its not tracked which is convient i guess but ask me anything.

also what was your MGS4 time? can you screen shot it and show us?
Probably not. I just want to make sure you didnt play it twice becasue if you did your statement quickly loses all creditablity .

You know what screw it half life took me anywhere betwenn 9hrs and 11 hrs. Ill be fair the #'s added up to convient on my end although i think Im right on with them I will leave room for error so you can get me on that one. See what I did there I played fair and not bias. something lets ge tyou to try and work on when making posts. : )

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Cherchez La Ghost4511d ago

Looks damn good!! But if it's true with the short gameplay, that got me a little discouraged. But I still play it.

solidt124511d ago

If a game does something for me that no other game does then I don't mind paying for it. This game is definately worth 60 bucks for 8-10 hours of game play. I love single player games and multi-player games but to me the best of each are the ones that are multi-player only or Single player only. The only game with both that I liked alot last year was COD4. Now Playing Warhawk, SOCOM Beta, Siren Blood Curse, GTA IV, MGS 4, and the last years bargain Orange Box.

Sevir044511d ago

I'm telling you Multiplayer FPS have really ruined gaming the Industry.

The only reason why you guy want multiplayer in every game this gen is because FPS developers have short changed you with games that are way too easy and short to begin with with less than steller mediocre story that only checks in under 5 hours, so because you are left with that tacked on single player you look for a multiplayer add on which only serves as as a temporary quench until another game with the same mediocre story comes along with slightly better multiplayer. it's a vicious cycle.

You all make it look like you have time to play games in one sitting.. if you do, you need to get your self a life and a job and earn some money because you shouldn't be playing games, games are ment to be expoerienced not rush. Put the damn game on Hard mode and play it the way it's meant to be played, there are enough freakin multiplayer games to last a life time and most of them are barely even memorable. The human brain is always distracted, if it aint interestib you will move on, which is why games with tacked on multiplayer rarely are any good.

yeah GTA4 i'm looking at you, tell me, Outside of RPGs and open world sandbox games if their story is any good, How long do you sit through a play agame beyond 2-4 hours in one sitting? and just how many games are their that even have 10-15 hours of gameplay. all you fanbois certainly ran up to buy Ninja Gaiden a2 and that game was only 8 hours and bioshock which was only 10 hours.

the community of fankids never cease to amaze me, You guys need to stop and evaluate yourselves, if you can get up and pay 7-10 bucks for a 2 hour movie that may suck you mean you cant pay 60 bucks ofr a good 12 hour game, they are so rare these days.

DaTruth4510d ago

Guess you guys don't buy DVD's. Costs $25 for 11/2hr movie. Do what you do with the DVD's and watch/play it more than once.

vickers5004510d ago

"You guys need to stop and evaluate yourselves"

So we should agree with everything you say like its the truth? Some peoples favorite games are multiplayer shooters, and that's what they like, and you are nobody to say what is good and what's not.

And by the way, BioShock is a 12+ hour game.

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Prismo_Fillusion4511d ago

Sounds fine to me! That's the equivalent of 4-5 movies and since this game is basically an interactive movie, that sounds completely reasonable.

Don't forget that you can replay it and play it in a completely different manner too! I've already played through Uncharted 2 times, and I'm on my third (I hate you Crushing, but you're my final trophy).

Tarasque4511d ago

Man that sucks, 60 dollars will get me into the movies 12 times.

Willio4510d ago

how is that possible? You must not live in the States because even seniors/children prices cant get that many viewings at the theatres.

AngryXbot4511d ago

I would be concerned if this was a RPG but its not...

Nowadays most non RPGs are this short. Bioshock, COD4, gears of wars, heavenly sword, uncharted.

Flopple 2... epic failure.

LikAChicken4511d ago

Does it really have high replayability? I mean I know if the main character dies the story will continue, but I really want this game to be epic though.

~I am a gamer...who wants chinese food~

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

Heavy Rain play target is "0 hours," on the xBox 360 says Sir Ken ;)

theKiller4511d ago

so i dont want any bot in here whining about it, on the other hand 12-15 will be more appreciated!!

the devs have 50GB so at least they should make some use of it!
i have a feeling this game will be like a movie but u r the main actor which is amazing, and considering that then 8-12 hours movie is damn great

Xakep4511d ago

Wow, seems like there were a lot of people who saw the graphics and didn't truly know what this game was going to be about. Multiplayer is NOT needed and that play time is just perfect especially since it requires multiple playthroughs to fully get the whole storyline.