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There was a lot of pressure on developer Infinity Ward leading up to this latest Call of Duty. Not only was the studio coming off of what was probably their worst-received game in Ghosts, but this was their first time on the new Call of Duty three-year development cycle - meaning many were expecting the team to pull out all the stops, even more so than usual. This wasn’t necessarily an easy task that could just be solved with more time, however, especially with the fact that Sledgehammer and Treyarch have continued to raise the bar for the series over the past couple of years. Even with taking all that into consideration, it can’t be denied that it seems like Infinity Ward has lost its touch, as Infinite Warfare marks another down year for Call of Duty.

Trekster_Gamer2817d ago

Poor biased review. This is THE most fun I have had with COD since Modern Warfare.

Great polished game!


Call of Duty VR Games - Will They Ever Happen?

The VR industry has long awaited sign of true Call of Duty VR games, but will it ever happen? And does it need to happen?

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crazyCoconuts397d ago

I don't think it's in Activision's DNA to stick their neck out on something like this unfortunately. They've got a surefire winner with COD so why risk a winning formula.
fwiw, Firewall Zero Hour was more fun than COD for me, but obviously didn't have the same user base and budget
I wonder hypothetically if a non-VR COD style game were to integrate VR players, could you even balance such a thing out. I'm guessing no.

TheEnigma313397d ago

No it won't. They are lazy and people will buy anyways

ApocalypseShadow397d ago

Highly unlikely at the moment. Executives are more concerned with being bought by Daddy Warbucks and golden parachutes than moving VR forward. They had a chance last gen but released a spaceship, combat demo instead. COD would increase VR awareness but if they were bought, the same thing that happened to other developers under Microsoft would happen to them.

Just consider, before being bought by Microsoft, Bethesda had Skyrim and Wolfenstein Cyber pilot. Ninja Theory had Hell Blade, Dexed and helped with Vader Immortal. Inxile had Mage's Tale. Double Fine had Psychonauts. ID Software had Doom VFR and Doom 3. Compulsion had We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live.

Ever since the purchase of those developers, zero VR games announced or released. And since Microsoft continues to shun VR, Activision games like COD wouldn't have VR either under them.

Firewall, Crossfire, Pavlov, and whoever else makes an FPS game in VR, will have to do for the time being. Maybe Sony will make one like Killzone or Resistance in VR. Also surprised that Valve didn't put Counterstrike in VR.

poppatron396d ago

I think the experience would be so different to traditional CoD and share so little with it that there would be no point in pinning the CoD label on it. I think Pavlov is about as close as you’ll get


Xbox Fans Call Out 'Activision's Greed' Over Call Of Duty Digital Prices

This week's Deals with Gold selection on Xbox has rubbed certain Xbox fans the wrong way, as several Call of Duty titles are still ludicrously priced - despite being discounted by up to 67% off over the next few days.

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VersusDMC1055d ago

How is 20 dollars for X360 call of duty games "ludicrously" overpriced?

And with Activision's lawer bills skyrocketing at the moment you are not going to be seeing deep discounts for a bit.

Chevalier1055d ago

Pretty sure that's the sale off that's 60% off. After the sale ends that 360 game is still listed at $49.99, right not its $19.99 because the 60% off.

VersusDMC1055d ago

I guess they can wait for the next sale then.

SullysCigar1055d ago

It's nice to see the Xbox community stand up for themselves though. That's been needed for a long time.

InUrFoxHole1054d ago

For a long time? Its the reason xbox is killing it this gen.

senorfartcushion1054d ago

Lawsuits don’t cost billions, they’re ALWAYS going to be fine for money.

They could stack their bills on the ground and fill half the continent of Africa at this point.

RaiderNation1054d ago

Because Xbox fans are so used to playing games on the Xbox EBT subscription service, the idea of paying anything for a game seems ludicrous to them.

MadLad1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

You pay for the service.

Do you have Amazon Video?

It's a subscription service. Not a charity. You're literally going at people over the idea of using a pro consumer service, and that's the real joke here.

thorstein1054d ago

When records were sold, they were eventually replaced by tapes, which cost less to manufacture, but more to buy. Then CDs came along and were cheaper to manufacture, but cost more at retail. Digital, of course, is the cheapest yet, but billion dollar corporations want to charge the same.

And no, that money is not going to the person sitting in the chair actually making the game.

It is pure and utter greed from people who don't need any more money.

InUrFoxHole1054d ago

Lol calm down Bobby. You crapped on thus franchise.

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autobotdan1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

"Many have also noted how the multiplayer in several of these titles is either dead or filled with hackers, meaning players are paying a hefty sum for a short campaign and potentially some zombie modes."

With these clear truths the decades older COD games should be permanently 19.99 regular price and sale prices 7.99 minimum

autobotdan1055d ago

Typo sale prices 2.99 minimum and 9.99 maximum. Older COD tiles seven years old or older should never be over 20 dollars regular price

senorfartcushion1054d ago

I have paid less than 3 dollars for some AAA PS4 games, old 360 CoD games should not be $20

FanboysKiller1055d ago

Any fps game runs by the quirk engine follows this logic
Die instantly
As if the main purpose of the game more of "repeat" than the actual gameplay experience , any noob in this game will tell you his mind stucked in repeating the sequence number of deaths than the gameplay itself , what a complete pile of #.

EvertonFC1054d ago

It's why I don't play cod anymore, my 45yr old hands can't compete with these kids 😂 🤣
1 kill to every 10 deaths is not fun

John_McClane1054d ago

Don't let that stop you if you enjoy the game, it's actually pretty good for hand/eye coordination.

lipton1011054d ago

Try Escape from Tarkov. It forces you to slow down and think. I’m not a fan of the ADD speed of CoD

Father__Merrin1055d ago

All the back compat titles are cheap listing when you scroll through them u till you come to black ops it's a complete rip off

Rhythmattic1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Well... Don't buy it..... Is it really that hard to comprehend?
Everything else you choose to purchase with your hard earned cash , so should games be held to the same reasoning....
Just don't give em the cash....

Entitlement that's bizarre, from the publisher and from the consumer.... Thats pretty fkd up if you think about it...

GhostofHorizon1054d ago

It's hilarious that some people don't see this as an option.

MadLad1054d ago

Bananas now cost $30 a pound. There's no good reason for it, but if you want bananas, there you go.

You don't have to buy them.

It's about their constant greed when handling the franchise. Nobody has to buy anything, but when a company doesn't follow corporate norms when selling their product; overpricing their old wares just because they can, the consumer is allowed to call that out.

GhostofHorizon1054d ago

Consumer can call them out, but I think they are going about it the wrong way.

The reason they get away with everything they do is simply because they can. They can charge $20 for a skin pack because people will gladly buy it. There is plenty of competition for FPS games, it's not like it's a niche market.

I know it's easier to blame and demand better from Activision than people that keep buying these overpriced items. If they weren't being bought, Activision would lower the price though. People like to pretend to take the high road but wouldn't you rather sell the banana for $30 than $3 if people are willing to buy it?