New Playstation 3 Commercial

A new Playstation 3 commercial about the CELL

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T-Virus5240d ago

next Generation is 150+ High def. games and amazing online service. NOT 'Motorstorm.'

JIN KAZAMA5240d ago

OverG Fighters, Blazing Angels, Amped 3, Bomberman Act Zero, King Kong and countless others. They are all "Next-Gen". Right.

Locked135240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

Not just Motorstorm but Lair, Warhawk, and Heavenly sword, just to name a few and might I remind you that it has roughly been only two months since the PS3 came out and I'll be expecting more great exclusives in the future, just like xbox has gotten its good share of exclusives. No need to hate.

T-Virus5240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

Just taking a seat back and looking at all 3 consoles from a non hardcore gamers point of view. The average Joe on the street doesn't know what 'Lair' is or 'Warhawk.' Nor do they know what 'Bioshock' or 'Crackdown' are. But with the 360 showing off games like GOW and Lost Planet that both outshine all PS3 games on the market, it's about time Sony pulled some strings and show us what the PS3 is really all about, they keep hyping this 'Cell,' but arn't actually proving that it is 'the most advanced chip in the world.'

kingboy5240d ago

Didn`t he just tell u the console launched 2 months ago?Was gears present during xbox 360 launch window?

T-Virus5240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

And if people like what they see, they will buy. Easy. Seems all the PS3 hardcores like waiting on things to happen, only leading to misreable results and then they reply with "wait for...X."
PS. I'm still WAITING for the PS3 to even launch over here yet.

zonetrooper55240d ago

Motorstorm at the moment is the only game that i would really buy for the PS3, it would be amazing if it came to the Xbx 360 but it won't. Sony need to get some new IP's which will get me to buy the PS3, Motorstorm and Killzone 2 is not enough to make me buy a £425 console.

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The story is too old to be commented.