10 Reasons to Play Crackdown

IGN have put together a list of 10 reasons to play Crackdown to help give you a snapshot of why they are so excited...

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xboxlj5231d ago

I think that this game is goint to be a hit. I would consider this a killer app and feel that it may even contend for game of the year.

zonetrooper55231d ago

I have already preordered this game as i love games like GTA and Saints Row, its also coming with the Halo 3 beta invite which makes it even sweeter.

BoneMagnus5231d ago

more and more excited about this game the more I read about it - six days until the demo!!!

I pre-ordered it also - I can always cancel if the demo sucks and poor reviews start coming in, but I don't see that happening.

zonetrooper55231d ago

Its already got a 9/10 from the OXM UK, just look on the Crackdown box art and look closely.

ryanjtravis5231d ago

Looks awesome... I've been psyched about this for a long time now, and it just keeps looking nicer and nicer.

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