Bill Gates Interview On Xbox 360

From the article: "Gates also stated that the PS3 has no advantage in terms of graphics and that it never will. In his words, Sony "burned a year" trying to get graphics out of the Cell processor, only to have Nvidia provide a chip at the last minute. Add to this the fact that the PS3 has no unified memory and that programmers have had longer to learn the intricacies of the 360 hardware, and the PS3 is caught in a cyclical game of catch-up."

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Shadow Flare5237d ago

you didn't make the xbox win, did you? Shut up then

frostbite065237d ago

but his wallet is leading this generation

kingboy5237d ago

duh! same statement when xbox came out on how it graphically blows away the poor ps2 and look who got owned hard at the end.catch up? uummh HD drive

G_CodeMonkey5237d ago

Tell me, what exactly did you find incorrect about his statements? Please paste in specifics from the article... Could it be the part about no games looking "better" on a PS3? With the sales in units the 360 has, a 3rd party would have to hate sales to blow off the 360 platform. And for that, they'll answer to their stockholders if they are a public company. gCM

Syko5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

He kinda looks like the late Mr. Rogers in that pic. God rest your soul Mr. Rogers!

The Reverend Frederick McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003) *Tear*

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