Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Tech Video Details PS4 Pro Enhancements

Crystal Dynamics has released a new video detailing how the studio along with Nixxes Software have enhanced Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration for the PlayStation 4 Pro.


The video has since been made private for reasons unknown. Here is another link to the video

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Ashunderfire861811d ago

1080p 60fps that is what I am talking about baby! 4K 30fps and greater visuals. Yes PS4 Pro can't do 4K 60fps on AAA games, but it can sure master 2K and 3K gaming with possible 60fps in the future. Maybe Killing Floors 2 will be the first 3K 60fps game for the pro. Some gamers are upset with PS4 Pro upscale 4K, but we have 2K and 3K gaming for this system. It is pretty darn close to 4K. 3K is great too. People really slept on 3K gaming like it never existed smh.

Cindy-rella1811d ago

4k 30fps tomb raider enhancement for me since i dont mind playing games at 30fps

Babadook71811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

There will always be 30 fps gaming. Whatever you can do in 60 fps, someone will make a game that does more than twice that in 30 fps. Twice the foliage, shadows, tessellation etc. And people will always go 'oooh wow how did they make it look this good?' Lol

Tussin1871811d ago

Exactly especially for consoles.

mad-dog1811d ago

Nice. Not sure what mode i will pick.

ArchangelMike1811d ago

So where's the PS4 Pro - Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary bundle? C'mon Sony, it's a no brainer.

dRanzer1811d ago

1080P\30fps with enhancemen visuals for me!

MasterCornholio1811d ago

Enriched visuals for me. I'm pretty sure the 60FPS won't be stable in this game.

--Onilink--1811d ago

it's already confirmed it's not locked. It can go as high as 60fps, but according to DF its mostly an unlocked mode that hovers around the high 40s in average

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