Farewell to DriveClub, the PS4 launch disaster that became a racing great- Eurogamer

Eurogamer: The name never did it any favours, really. Neither did the fact it struggled to live up to its blandly ridiculous moniker at launch; as part of the well-documented troubles that surrounded DriveClub's already heavily delayed release, the clubs that formed an integral part of Evolution's vision for its PlayStation 4 exclusive just didn't work. Now the drama has died down, and unfortunately a studio died along with it, it's tragically clear that part of the equation never mattered that much anyway. All that really mattered was the one thing that DriveClub got right: the driving.

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UltraNova716d ago

Still playing this gem on a weekly basis. One of the best casual racers out there.

SniperControl716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

Still think for pure fun factor, nothing touches Driveclub, amazing racer with breathtaking graphics and awesome support.

Kinda hoping Sony build on the present Driveclub and develope Driveclub 2 with another developer, shame it wont be Evo, but Sony has many talented people under their wings.

Number_9716d ago

I disagree with you on your opinion that nothing touches DriveClub but I do agree that the franchise should continue as DC has laid the groundwork for something great.

bouzebbal716d ago

i didn't buy GT6 on PS3 because i wanted to wait for this. i know they are different but i do not have time to play 2 racing games. DC didn't disappoint me at all. it's immediate fun and those graphics blew my mind

Kribwalker716d ago

Burnout paradise was the best racing game for pure fun factor, followed closely by FH3. I'm sure DC is great but to say nothing touches it's fun factor is ignoring a lot of great racing games

freshslicepizza716d ago

its too bad it had such a rocky start online and the confusion around what was going to be offered to playstation plus users because it does look like one of the best racers this generation. plus the developers have been very good with all the updates ands free content.

LucasRuinedChildhood716d ago

Both great games no doubt, but I don't think it's that cut and dry. There's a lot of great arcade racing games out there (Burnout 3 + Revenge, Driver: San Francisco, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Split/Second, Blur, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Wipeout HD, Flatout, Ridge Racer: Unbounded, Dirt Showdown, Midnight Club, etc). I think you would also be ignoring a lot of great racing games if you were to say those 2 racing games were definitely the best out there, especially for people who prefer more linear, focused tracks.

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KickSpinFilter716d ago

One of the only racers that gave you the feeling you were going to die if you missed that turn!
Great weight to the cars, and control. It did have a steep learning curve, but that's exactly what I also loved about it.

Imalwaysright716d ago

"Still think for pure fun factor, nothing touches Driveclub"

You should take a look at Evolution's PS3 games then.

subtenko716d ago

Dude I just reallly want a new motorstorm im sorry, I really want them to implement all theyve learned and put in a vr mode. would be insane

fr0sty716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

Driveclub VR is great. So great that it makes me sad that there is no plan for a Pro patch, as this game needs it badly. Driveclub 2D is the best looking racer ever, by far, on any system. Not just from a technical standpoint, but Evolution's meticulous attention to detail goes far beyond what most other developers would even bother with.

Honestly, this game getting no Pro update is my biggest disappointment about PS4 Pro. That game at 60fps, or 120fps VR with all effects turned on... it would be nothing short of jaw dropping.


I wish DriveClub had a PS4 PRO update with the last patch as a really nice farewell.

IRetrouk715d ago

Frosty, driveclub vr is getting the pro treatment, no word on normal driveclub yet but i would say that its a good possibility.

C-H-E-F715d ago

I think the DC2 could've happened, but EVO over promised way too much and Sony had to pay for so much crap to keep the game at ease and even in that respect the game failed bad on metacritic. DC2 would be wonderful, but there aren't many racing devs out there that can pull it off especially in the Sony umbrella.

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Edito716d ago

I'm a PS fanatic since ever and i planned to buy the PS4 back in the launch time, but believe me i went to a friend house i had bought a PS4 and came with DriveClub my friend don't like racing games but i'm a huge fan of racing games, i sat down and played this game man i will never forget that moment it was magical, the light, the feel, the graphics, music, freshness of the game equal to no other game, i bought my PS4 the next day because of DriveClub and i'm still playing until today...

NXSwitch716d ago

The game sucks & its a good thing they closed down!

Mrveryodd716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

you must be very
a: young
b: stupid
c: troll

Soc5716d ago

Lol too bad you can't cash out your disagrees

NXSwitch715d ago

E: Having a great time with Mrveryodd & Silly Mammo mofo mom!

C-H-E-F715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

F: everything above

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IamTylerDurden1716d ago

My favorite game this gen, i loved the season pass and the Bikes expansion as well. It blossomed into an undeniably great game. The visuals and weather fx will likely not be rivalled until PS5.

I'm loving Driveclub VR.

Soc5716d ago

Me too,
I played just last night, I was driving a Mclaren, and was learning a course and once i got the hang of it, I started carving corners and got a silly smile on my face.

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Bennibop716d ago

I think Driveclub has replaced PGR as my favourite racer all the time. I play it at least once a day.

Soc5716d ago

me too and I love how fast it loads, when you want a quick race....bam

SierraGuy715d ago

Is this not PGR's successor...I thought I read that somewhere.

IRetrouk715d ago

Some of the devs from pgr moved over to evo when activision shut bizzare creations down, its deffo between driveclub and pgr4 for my fav arcade racer.

moegooner88716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

Not referring to Eurogamer specifically but funny how various reviewers waited for the studio to shut down before giving the game the credit it deserves following the post launch updates. There has to be some sort of a fixed standard for reviews, whether or not the game gets re-reviewed following a turbulent launch has to be applied for all games. Selectively choosing some and ignoring others doesn't seem logical. Otherwise, stick to the launch reviews for all games, and update the changes in separate pieces.

UltraNova716d ago

Day one reviews is where the money is so revised and objective reviews will never be a thing. Sad but true.

IamTylerDurden1716d ago

Driveclub as it plays today is the best racer i have ever played. It deserved to be rereviewed , it's shameful it wasn't.

kevnb716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

It would have needed to be remarketed and essentially relaunched.

mad-dog716d ago

Amazing game with a lot of content. I wish it would get a Pro patch....

NotEvenMyFinalForm716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

They should of made another MotorStorm and try to evolve it into something similar to Forza Horizon or something else instead of making the pointless and boring crap that Driveclub was.

Rude-ro716d ago

what? How do repetitive franchises not fall into "boring" over new and different takes on a genre?
There is always room for something new. The problem with games is slapping new maps on a tired old repetitive yearly game.
Or, at least to the larger consumer base I should say.

716d ago
subtenko716d ago

They should have made another Motorstorm

FTFY, thats all you had to say.