Can Video Games Tackle Serious History Without Offending?

Following EA's Twitter gaffe with Battlefield 1 - ScreenGurus Shaun wonders if using serious historical wars for such over the top shooters is a good idea.

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tdogchristy901725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

As a historian who studies history for a living there is a balance to be struck. Yes we need to be respectful of events but we also need to keep ourselves from being too serious. We owe these boys our respect but they also didn't sacrifice just for us to be so uptight and unable to laugh. We can respect and entertain all in the same breath.

Bobafret1725d ago

As opposed to a historian that studies crochet for a living?

tdogchristy901725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

You can't get a history degree or a graduate degree by studying crochet, it has to be more substantial than that. Sorry.

And when I say I study history for a living I'm referring to the fact I hold actual academic degrees in history.

Aenea1725d ago

In this day and and age you can't do anything without offending.....

Eidolon1725d ago

I find that offensive.

DragonDDark1725d ago

I'm offended because you're offended.

Aenea1724d ago

And this proves my point! :)

_-EDMIX-_1724d ago

In no day and age could you ever do that , nothing has changed.

Quite frankly I'm completely fine with that because I believe until we have a day where we have full equality for all genders races religions beliefs Creeds what-have-you , we're always going to have people offended over a series of things.

I'd rather have those who are offended seeking equality then society that conforms and tries to mold everyone into one thing.

Though I somewhat understand that people get annoyed by it, I wouldn't be so quick to openly accept the alternative.

The same people that talk about other people or offended as some negative thing are likely the same people that were telling a bunch of minorities and people of different religions and believes to "get over it" or accept having a lesser rights.

I have nothing but respect for the Freedom Fighters that literally gave their lives to give me the type of freedom I have today to express myself, I never take that for granted because things could have definitely turned out a different way if somebody did not stand up and say they were offended by my lack of Rights. I'm fine with that bud.

Sometimes you need someone to always be offended to keep everyone in awake to issues lol

Aenea1724d ago

I agree with what you say but lately I do have the feeling that no matter what you do or say someone will get offended and that is starting to become a tad on the silly side and I wonder sometimes how serious some of them are...

1725d ago
Bobafret1725d ago

Just go with "white people are evil and horrible" and boom, no one is offended.

Angerfist1725d ago

A certain demographic cant handle the truth looking at your disagrees. But they might be of self loathing Whites too

DragonDDark1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I know it's a joke but you will still find people offended by that statement.

madmonkey011724d ago

imagine the uproar if you said black people are evil and horrible.

Goldby1724d ago


Star511724d ago

Better yet, cry offense that games like Battlefield 1, Watchdogs, and Mafia 3 and are historically inaccurate or unrealistic--basically, that the heroes should be some other race. *eyeroll*

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Fist4achin1725d ago

It's a game for crying out loud. It can't be taken too seriously in regards to the storied events that take place. It's cool to see the historical events and to keep things realistic as far as what was available at the time, but the rest is just fiction.

OB1Biker1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I think it's great to acknowledge historical horror even in a light fashion and to help people to never forget. Like you said it's a game and just like movies people should be able to have fun and laugh about it. The important part is acknowledge the reality and remember it that's why I think realistic representation is great even if having fun about it.

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