'Street Fighter V' Is Now The Game We Deserved

ScreenGurus Sam offers his take on why Street Fighter V might now be the game that should've been the one we got at launch.

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dead_pixels1725d ago

What a difference 10 months makes. Totally glad the $60 Early Access period is finally over.

Reibooi1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

It's kinda sad. I mean the way they shipped the game was unforgivable in my opinion. The thing that is sad however is at least to me Street Fighter V is a very solid game as far as mechanics go. I know some think it's a bit simple but I kinda like the back to basics approach it has.

The sad thing is that like dead_pixels mentioned so many people see the whole release as a beta of sorts and I honestly don't know if any amount of polish and additions can pull new people in. I think those that love the game already are there for awhile but I don't think they will get much new blood.

The big question I have is if they make a 6th game and make it multiplat again would it rebound? Or has the damage been done?

neomahi1725d ago

You're absolutely right

Deadpooled1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom go the 'free to play' route to entice new players in to the game. The way they released it the game was dead on arrival.

bouzebbal1724d ago

i will buy it when they add arcade mode.
is that planned?

abstractel1724d ago

I've enjoyed playing and watching Pros play since it came out. I didn't think it had enough content, and some of the designs were very questionable (Ken's face/hair) with modders doing a much better job with the characters on the PC. I still feel it deserves a future and more success.

Having said that, I do think Netherrealms is the king of fighting games these days. Can't wait for Injustice 2.

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B1uBurneR1725d ago Show
Tetsujin1725d ago

After playing KoF 14, SF 5 feels like a paid beta. The fact Capcom has this "release now, patch later" attitude is further proof the might dollar is more important than making a game to remind fans why we should buy SF 5. I'm sad to say but 5 is my last SF purchase until Capcom gets dollar signs out of their eyes. There's only so many times people will still buy into the name until people realize it's garbage, and need to vote with their wallets until Capcom decides to actually make something good AND complete.

Segata1725d ago

KO14 and GG Rev are the GOATs this year in fighting games.

kakashi811724d ago

So glad I have all of these games

IamTylerDurden11725d ago

SFV is a terrific game, it always was, it just lacked content at launch.

Tetsujin1725d ago

Not that I agree/disagree, since everyone is entitled to their opinion(s). At the time SF 5 launched, there wasn't a lot of competition fighting game wise, so naturally they will fit the "drought of fighting games." The root of the problem is SF5 doesn't really bring anything new to the series like the previous versions. Previous games had unlockables, online, and even story modes. What did 5 really bring? Micro transactions? Sell now and patch later?

If Capcom really wants to test their market(s), re release the original SF 2 games, Alpha series, the cross overs, and even 3rd Strike (on the PS4/One). It will show which series of games are what the fans consider positive experiences. Those games were made for fun, Esports, and to show why they dominated the market. Now? All they want to do is rush games out, and a lot of die hards defend their practices just because it's SF, no other reason. I grew up on SF games, but now I'm on the borderline of moving on. I can only defend a company so long before deciding it's time to find greener pastures through companies where the customer is first, which in turn brings loyal fans.

-Foxtrot1725d ago

Pffft makes no difference what a game turns into, it's about what it was...and in SFVs case it was a barebones, lacking game.

People have moved on. We judge what we were given at the time not what we get a year later.

ChronoJoe1725d ago

What? No, a lot of people haven't moved on. SFV remains the most popular fighter in the FGC (excluding Smash) in regards to competition and esports. There are a lot of people that still care about this game.

-Foxtrot1725d ago

Hey if you like an incomplete game and love waiting for the rest of the game a year after, maybe even paying extra for some bits and bobs fair enough but people with common sense would have moved on. Why should we support in complete games, it just tells them we don't mind so they can do it again.

Fishy Fingers1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Yep and while I don't condone it this was always their plan and were open about that.

So while I felt short changed somewhat at purchase I still get plenty of fun out of it playing with friends over a few beers etc. Still the best fighter IMO

Teflon021725d ago

It's different when they tell you in advance and all the modes etc are a free update and you can earn most characters just doing everything once. It's not as big a deal as people act. People act like they were lied to yet a video demonstration came out a week earlier showing what you'll get at launch and what they'll be doing with the game. For a game that plans to add things for free over the lifespan of the ps4. It has no reason to really make people wait until 2017 for the game when you can play now and still get all the content free in 2017.

Gitgud1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

@Foxtrot well they provided a good amount in the last 10 months. Also, when you think about it, Capcom were broke two-three years back only having $152mil, and then they partnered with sony just before 2015 to create SFV. Also, every character in the game can be earned, none of that 'Super' or 'Ultra' shit, you buy it once and then that's it. In my eyes, they've done well.

They may have lacked content in launch, but caught on quick IMO. Buying the game now is all good, there's no point in complaining any more. You can get the game for 20 quid, and it's worth it.

DarXyde1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


"Moved on" is a term I would reserve for those who've invested and feel burned. I haven't gotten it yet, and sales indicate not many have.

If it's worth owning now, it might finally get the community it was meant to have. So to say they've moved on, well, I don't believe that's quite accurate.

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1725d ago
IamTylerDurden11725d ago


"It makes no difference what the game turns into". Are you just trolling Sony/SFV or do you actually believe that? That is outrageously foolish imo. Of course it makes a difference, why else would developers put out so many patches? How about Titanfall? Diablo 3? Driveclub?

DevilVergilX1724d ago

I am sure the billions will stop supporting league of legends since it was a incomplete game....

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RAM0N 1725d ago

I still play this game bought it day one to

Enigma_20991725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Remember when a game was sold to you COMPLETE? Sure DLC could be offered later, but at least you felt okay paying full price for the initial game.

Publishers have lost their d*** minds.

IamTylerDurden11725d ago

No. SFV and Hitman were planned this way, just like FFVII. It's not all that egregious.

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DarXyde1725d ago

Not that I exactly disagree, but remember that we, as consumers in a free market, vote with our wallets. If you don't want certain things coming to pass, you need to organize behind your principles. Remember how Prince of Persia 2008 locked the story conclusion behind paid DLC?

Yeah, we don't see much of that at all. It goes to show that when you throw a wrench into an organization's efforts and reasoning, you get results. In this case, Ubisoft did it for more money. Instead, they got much less money than it probably cost them to make it.

It doesn't pay to bite the hand that feeds.