Star Ocean PSP Boxarts Revealed

The boxart for the remakes of the first two Star Ocean titles for PSP have been revealed! Cleverly, the two pieces of boxart join together to make one lovely image.

Square-Enix clearly intends for you to buy not one, but both of these games.

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TheColbertinator4510d ago

Thanks for the story AP.I will definitely pick these up.I am awaiting Star Ocean 4 but these ought to bring me back to the days of Tri-Ace's golden age.

g3nkie4510d ago

Its great that their bringing these to PSP but skipping out on the PS3's iteration of Star Ocean 4.....

TheColbertinator4510d ago

Its how times are man.I'm sure it will be on the PS3 also but not anytime soon.

SaiyanFury4510d ago

Star Ocean 4 has not been officially confirmed on the 360 as an exclusive. That aside, I fully plan on picking up these titles. I'm a huge SO fan and have played through SO2 on PS1 several times. I never played the factory translated version of SO1, but it should be great. SO4 will come out on PS3, S-E would be suicidal if they didn't release it on a Japanese console. Especially considering the bulk of the fanbase is in Japan.

AngryXbot4510d ago

on ISO.

PSP = best handheld ever.

And SO 1 and 2 are great games. SO3 is downhill and SO4 which will certainly come to the PS3, is not looking that good to be honest.

We have to wait and see how well SO4 turns out, for now its anything but Triple A like so many xbot idiots like to claim. Xbot scum sure like to hype their games (because they know they have nothing left so they keep hyping the little they have left). But its looking like infinite floppery right now.

PistolPumptMonk4510d ago

Haha the boxart is cool but you can't help but feel that Square Enix is once again dying to get people to buy some remakes...