47.4 Million PS4 Consoles Shipped by Sony as of September 2016; Income Decreases Due to Price Drop

Today Sony Corporation posted its financial result for the second quarter and first half of fiscal year 2016, ended on September 30th.

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Thatguy-3101906d ago

They're easily going to surpass 50 million by the end of the year. Can't wait to see how ps4 pro is received.

ArchangelMike1906d ago

Definitely. I reckon between the new cheaper slim model and the Pro, they'll have smashed 50Mill even before the year is out. It'll be interesting to see how/if PSVR also stimulates more PS4 sales.

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Saigon1906d ago

60 Million in a fiscal year? That means they have until March/April of 2017 to hit that number. Lime123 said they may hit 57 million by end of December, that is truly possible.

nix1906d ago

Congrats Sony.

They'll hit 52 millions this holiday. That's for sure.

Fatal-Aim1905d ago


The people disagreeing with you is hilarious.

If the PS4 averages 1.3 million a month with the numbers already at 47.4, that would make the remaining 2.6. Since the Pro is about to launch along with November and December being the holiday shopping season, covering 2.6 million is not even of question in 2 months. It could very well achieve that in one month.

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Lime1231906d ago


Sony shipped 8.4 million PS4's in last quarter of 2015. This year they will ship even more thanks to Pro. So by the end of December 2016. I expect around 57 million.

madmonkey011906d ago

i think thier fiscal ear ends in april, so 60m sounds about right.

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Tussin1871906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

"So there are not 40-47m unique Sony fans out there thus why we see games that sell 1-5mil. More like 20 mill active users out there!"

Ok Todd. Whatever makes you feel better. Can't you say the same for Xbox with the S right now. For all we know it could be the same people upgrading.
Especially since when MS mentioned 4k and Blu-ray, now all of a sudden both are the most important thing in gaming. 4k Blu-rays are the most wanted item now.

So since you conveniently cut Sony's user base in half then we can do the same for MS.

So 10 million active user for Xbox. Might be even less since MS does release numbers anymore. No wonder they're starting over again with the Scorpio.

People and MS can says otherwise but most of us know what's going on. History is just repeating itself and they are trying to be the most powerful and come out first with a New Gen console. Yes, A NEW GEN CONSOLE.

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cyber_daemonx1905d ago

@todd, really? Doubt that very much considering the Pro aint even out yet. You could say the same about xbone fans double dipping for the s.

20 mill lol, thats xbox numbers. Wrong console ffs.

You salty bro?

Muzikguy1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )


You've always got some half thought out comment to say don't you? If you want to talk like this about Sony, how many "unique Xbox One users" do you suppose there are? Not only will hey not give numbers, but if we were to guess they have less than half the numbers of Sony. So say maybe 23 million (that's a huge stretch). Maybe cut that in half and there's your "unique users". Would explain why games that are supposed to be the next big thing, like Halo, Forza, and Forza Horizon sell so poorly.

I'm always shocked when someone tries so hard to get a point across, but they forget that what they're talking about would also apply to them

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Corpser1906d ago ShowReplies(3)
miyamoto1905d ago

That is insanely crazy shipments there. PS4 FTW

NXSwitch1905d ago

Each fan has 2 or 3 copies of the system so yes they will get to 50m...smh.

Ya'll preach more hardware sold so show me a game that "matches" the "hardware sales"?

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PhoenixUp1906d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

PS4 shipping 47.4 million is still true beast mode right there.

However this puts its sales slightly behind PS2 which sold 47.59 million at this point in its lifecycle, so PS4 is currently no longer Sony's fastest selling console.

Also for reference, DS sold 53.64 million & Wii sold 56.14 million at this point in their respective lifespans. I expect PS4 to start selling at a faster rate than Wii within its fifth year on the market.

game4funz1906d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Shipped is not the same as sold.

Therefore I wouldn't say it's on equal footing. It's close tho.

Oh geez. Why are people replying with comments about Xbox. This has nothing to do with Xbox. I am talking about ps2 and Ps4. Enough about the Xbox in the replies and stay on topic.

Especially at @[email protected]

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demonddel1906d ago

To them shipped means sold when it comes to Sony so why you feel you have to point that out

trooper_1906d ago

Um...they're being sold.

peewee110161906d ago

and sony came out and said in there ps4 pro showing 45mil SOLD nice try buddy.

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hells_supernova1905d ago


The overreaction to your post is insane! damn I hate this community at times

Stogz1905d ago

Dude you are literally up and down this thread and the only thing you're contributing so an attempt to downplay this news with every post. The next time there's an Xbox article and you're whining about the Sony fans in there downplaying, I'm going to reference this thread right here for you...

DarXyde1905d ago

Shipped is actually sold in the console industry. If it's shipped, that means Sony made their wholesale cost. Sony has made their money.

If it sells, then companies CONTINUE to make money on each unit. If you ship it to a retailer, that means they bought them from the company. They then mark up the price to the MSRP and that's what consumers pay. Once you buy a console, you buy games, accessories, etc. And once you do that, your continued investment makes more money for them.

So whether Sony has shipped to stores or sold to consumers who don't invest in anything after that, they make the same revenue.

Shipped is generally of greater interest to investors, not gamers.

Kurdishcurse1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

dont even bother. the PS bias in this site is sad and embarrassing to watch. the thing is they actually deny it too. yet, they dislike any bad points against the PS. fact or fiction. sure the the xbots roam around these parts, but a simple look at the like/dislike ratio between the two consoles is more than enough. i actually own a ps4 too. its like this site harbors manchildren that still cant understand the concept of choice.

nitus101905d ago


If you are a business of selling a physical product like the PS4 you need to know how many of that product has been sold to consumers so you can predict how many products you need to manufacturer without having that product sitting on the retailer's shelf.

Basically, if you ship too much product and there is a surplus you get the retailers upset. If you don't ship enough you get a supply problem which annoys the customer and in addition gets retailer upset since they can't sell to the consumer. A case of loose and loose scenario. This is why high-level statistics (not the kind you learn in High school) is needed and even then there is always a margin of error, hence feedback from retailer to and from manufacturer is essential.

If a manufacturer states that it is not important to know shipments they are effectively lying since manufacture, shipping and sales are essential knowledge for any business.

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NXSwitch1905d ago

They won't reach it but if they release a smaller pro unit again & sell it to the same person that already bought a reg, & slim unit then yes they will get there.

TheColbertinator1906d ago

Sony sure is going into detail on where its doing best.

Financial reports are sometimes interesting.

creeping judas1906d ago

Take this from a person who deals with them on a daily basis, they are never interesting!!!

nitus101905d ago

They may not be interesting but they are essential to any business.

Rude-ro1906d ago

Uneducated people are interesting because they actually are real and breed.

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MasterCornholio1906d ago

Those sales are crazy.

Congratulations Sony and thanks for sharing then with us.

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Lime1231906d ago

Last quarter:

PS4 - 3.9 million shipped
3DS - 1.7 million shipped
Wii U - 0.34 million shipped

So last quarter PS4 outshipped 3DS and Wii U COMBINED 2:1. Pretty close.