[RUMOR] - Microsoft Completes Purchase of Capcom?

Word is beginning to trickle down to fitbabits HQ from several independent sources that Microsoft has all but completed the purchase of Capcom.

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Grown Folks Talk5238d ago

unless microsoft is willing to compensate them for all of the $ they have already spent on ps and wii development. or the acquisition isn't going to be immediate. maybe it will bring us mega man 360.

eques judicii5238d ago

I hate when people post forum-based articles.... anyone can post these and there is no basis for it.

zonetrooper55238d ago

If this is true than MS have bought a very good company which can provide alot of japanese type games. Maybe DMC 4 might come to the 360 if this is true, but i very much doubt that this is true.

Scrumptious5238d ago

already in developemet will most likely still be released, and Microsoft will be profiting off the PS3! Say good-bye to RE5 though...

OutLaw5238d ago

I read about the rumor the other day. But I couldn't get myself to post it. I wasn't too sure if Capcom wanted to do this to themselves considering the company may have alot to lose with the Japanese market.

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The story is too old to be commented.