Gradius lives: Konami denies 'cancellation' rumor

Yesterday's overblown rumor regarding a spree of "cancellations" at Konami's Japanese headquarters have proven to be quite untrue. Konami has stated that all the previously listed games, including Gradius and the Wii's eagerly anticipated "Action Adventure 2," are still in the works. The chopped release lists printed in the pages of Famitsu and Dengeki have been attributed to simple error.

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MissAubrey5433d ago

I used to play Gradius III on the SNES all the time! ah the good old days.

AuburnTiger5433d ago

That's why I believe about 1/4 of the stuff posted on this site.

People take rumors so serious these days.

Harry5433d ago

But isn't it just better to believe those rumours and then disbelieve them when they are proved wrong?