I Promise: After Booth Babes Wore My Final Fantasy XV Mask, It Did Not Haunt Anything

"A bunch of game babes wore a Final Fantasy XV mask, but then the mask went absolutely insane, which I guess is truly in the Halloween spirit."

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The7Reaper2517d ago

This was stupid what was the point of this?

Rivitur2517d ago

We need a hot chick article once a month, starting early I guess

The7Reaper2517d ago

"hot chick" you see her face? Good thing this was posted on Halloween

RedDevils2517d ago

You must be into dude or transgender type lol

Fist4achin2517d ago

I agree. She had a weird look about her

PhoenixUp2517d ago

Don't matter if you gotta butterface as long as you got a nice rack

Smitty20202517d ago

Haha I didn't look at the face

CrimsonWing692517d ago

Woof... I'm sorry but man that girl is unattractive,,,


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blackblades1d 16h ago

Damn more closures, they shouldnt have bought so much

Abriael1d 16h ago

Yeah they're like "lookie here, we own 100 studios" one hour before in the conference, and then "hey, but we'll close some"


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