New Formula One Screens

The official Formula One Championship Edition webpage has today been updated with new screenshots, plus some new info.

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achira6396d ago

nice looking game. i will buy it definitifly.

achira6396d ago

nice looking game. i will buy it definitifly.

Quisp6396d ago

or Im not bothering with it. Racing Sim games are meant to be played with quality FF wheels. Take note SONY

power0919996396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

FF has become something that is required for the "racing" experience. Along with rumble.

Was a 3rd party company not working on a PS2 controller connection for the PS3? If this be the case FF will more than likely happen via 3rd party support, and some sort of update.

No FF/Ruble BIG BIG mistake.

Time will tell.

gnothe16396d ago

read it here before that the Ps3 doesnt support FF.the systen itself dont support it. so if you plugged an Ps2 controller in an played a Ps2 game there still would be no rumble!! its a shame to, but I guess you had to give up one to get the other!!

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Happy Birthday PlayStation 3 - Three Years of Exclusives, Blu-ray & Court Orders

As amazing as it may seem given Sony Computer Entertainment's track record with the PlayStation franchise, the PlayStation 3 has undoubtedly been the outside bet for the current-generation since it's launch back in March 2007. Arriving late in Europe, with successful Japanese and North American launches already under its belt, an incredibly high price-tag and it's underdog status has seen the PlayStation 3 achieving slow but consistent growth across the continent in the ensuing three years.

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GR8 15230d ago

Happy Birthday 3RD Place Console.

NateNater5230d ago

Explain to me how PS3 is in 3rd.

Read the article dipsh!t troll

avengers19785230d ago

Hey GR8 1 doesn't it speak volums when the PS3 is turning 3 and the 360 is gonna be 5 that the Playstation is only a few million in sales behind xbox... Given the same amount of time out on shelves the Playstation 3 will be far a head of the 360, and currently the only people buying 360's are those who are rebuying it, yes it still counts for sales, but the number of people actually using it isn't growing, but PS3's is, you fail every time you comment to the point that people can't even take any bubbles away from you any more... Take a break from commenting, learn a thing or two, Log on with a new name and try again.

ian725230d ago

I got my PS3 just after launch and had some great times playing some amazing games. Been one of the best things I have ever bought.
So much has happened in 3 years, can't wait to see what happens in the next 3 years.

kevco335230d ago (Edited 5230d ago )

Every console has ups and downs during it's lifespan, and the PS3 is no different. But as avengers1978 is saying in the Open Zone (---->), the PS3 launch around eighteen months after the 360 in Europe, and is only just lagging behind. I've got every console in this and most generations, and while I personally prefer the 360 this time around, there's no denying the PS3 is doing some great things... (despite the legal issues!)

And let's not forget - three years into the original Xbox's life and the Xbox 360 was already on shop shelves!

mjolliffe5230d ago

I love my PS3 :)

But then again, I love my Xbox 360 and Wii!!!


F1 2010 screens - how do they compare to the last F1 game?

The Formula One game license has been handled by a variety of different publishers in the past 15 years, including EA and now defunct Psygnosis. In more recent memory the licence has been held, fairly persistently, by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis).

Codemasters has now released two 'Work in progress' high-definition shots from the PS3/360/PC version of the game F1 2010, which show the visual direction they are taking with the licence.

GamesRadar thought it was only proper to compare these two new screens with two similar screens from Sony's last game on PS3, Formula One: Championship Edition, a launch game for the console in early 2007, to see what they're doing differently. Click the images to embiggen, if you wish to inspect like a pedant.

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ryuzu5241d ago

It's a real shame Sony didn't hang on to this license...

While GamesRadar seems to want to support CodeMasters, I think that the F1CE shots look better and having played that game, certainly feel it's a better F1 sim/game than codies will produce.

I hope I'm wrong on that, since F1 has become interesting again these last few years and we're lacking a decent F1 sim on any platform.

As an aside, if you're an F1 fan take a look at iracing.com who are implementing the Williams car - sure to be the best simulation around.


PirateThom5241d ago

Yeah, I think the costs had just become too high for the licence for Sony to warrant.

Would have been a nice addition to GT5's licences though.


Top 5 Underrated PLAYSTATION3 Games

For those of you not yet familiar with the Unsung Heroes series, the rules are as follows; games eligible are those disc-based releases that Electronic Theatre feels have been underrated, or treated unfairly since launch. This time, it's the turn of the PLAYSTATION3. Being the Current-Generation machine with the fewest titles – and fewest exclusive releases, for that matter – many of you may be wondering exactly where Electronic Theatre'll be dragging five missed-hits from, but as with any and every console released, there's plenty of ways games can just slip by even the most observant radar...

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Silogon5763d ago

I agree with Buzz and slightly Conan, but the rest can piss up a rope. Folklore, Genji 2, Lair are my fill ins for those other 3 and the Simpsons game coming in for close runner up.

gaffyh5763d ago

I disagree with the whole list.

The games that should be in there are Heavenly Sword, Folklore and Ratchet & Clank (especially because it is thrown to the side because people think it is a "kid's" game, but it actually is really really really good)

lordgodalming5763d ago

took the words right out of my mouth. R&C (both ToD and QfB)and Folklore are terrific games. Funny thing is, if you go back and look at reviews for Folklore, many of them are really positive, but I guess no one bought the game. And I have to say that Tools of Destruction is still my favorite PS3 game to date. Love Insomniac.

SL1M DADDY5763d ago

Yikes! That was not underapreciated, it was simply terrible. I don't mind QTE's but that game abused the system.