Looking For The Perfect Game To Play This Halloween? We’ve Got You Covered

PressA2Join writes "Halloween is a bit like marmite; you either love it or hate it. While some people thrive on dressing up, trick or treating and being scared, others want nothing more to lock the door, shut the curtains and completely forget what day it is. Well, if some of your October 31st plans are to sit in front of your TV gaming (and to be honest, we wouldn’t blame you), then here are some ideas as to what you could be playing. Whether you’re a scaredy cat (like me, meow!) or a little harder to scare, chances are there’s a game on this list that will suit you. "

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FullmetalRoyale718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

I loved The Evil Within, and Until Dawn so much. TEW in particular scratches a very particular itch, that is hard for me to satisfy. Couldn't recommend either experience enough.

*If you play The Evil Within: Before you start the game, go to options and turn off the letterbox.
I just recently replayed it with it turned off, and it makes it so much better to play.