Tom Clancy’s The Division Might Now Be Broken Beyond Repair

Could the one thing preventing players from coming back to The Division be the players themselves.

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zeal0us2816d ago

I brought this game in March and gave it up in April

maybelovehate2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Same here. I was so excited for that first Incursion but once I saw what it was, I went back to Destiny.

@Dabigsiebowski: I find the Destiny Raids to be the pinnacle of COOP shooting. The mechanics are brilliant fun for teams. The Incursion in The Division was simple and mindless.

Dabigsiebowski2816d ago

As if Destiny is better...come on really?

BEASELY2816d ago

Yeah, 10 times better. Can't stand Destiny haters.

NapalmSanctuary2816d ago

I went back to Ninja Gaiden.

BattleAxe2816d ago

I never wasted the money on this game, and kept playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Utalkin2me2816d ago

What i find funny, is that all these people saying well i played the beta hour and quit or i played first week then left. You "dislike" the game so much you had to come into a article about it, then post. Makes no sense at all.

ChronoJoe2816d ago

I agree with you, I think Destiny's gameplay is far better. Better feedback on gunplay, more enemy variety, more environmental variety, better looting and character development.

But that isn't to say Destiny isn't without it's issues. Raids are great but having only one of them per six months to play is really awful, and every new piece of DLC invalidates the previous content. There's absolutely no reason to run the old Raids, there's no variety, you play the small pool of current content, or you stop playing.

Destiny has good foundations at least because it's core gameplay loop is very good (The Divisions is not), so let's hope for better from Destiny 2.

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EZFoxOne2815d ago

Yep. Incursions. The definition of bullet sponges. Not saying Destiny doesn't have them, but at least there is a tactic, a process and a story. The mechanics are far better and the teamwork required is far greater when it comes to a Destiny raid. A much greater sense of accomplishment when completing a Destiny raid (except for Crota).

I had high hopes for The Division. Looks like those hopes continue to dissipate with the player base. I will not be returning to that world.

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andrewsquall2816d ago

I saw this game in June 2013 when it was at E3 and I gave up on it in................. June 2013. Seriously never saw the big deal. "Holy crap, look at the way the glass breaks on cars with bullet holes like 2002 PS2 game The Getaway, incredible".
Then again I still don't see the big deal about Evolve, Destiny, Watchdogs and its sequel, Rainbow Six Newest One, Titanfall and its sequel (although with that one I was told I was just jealous of it and if a sequel ever came to PS4 I would lose my shit, NO, just no), Ghost Recon Badlands and so on.

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CyberCam2816d ago

Agreed! Modern publishers/developers know full well that gamers will buy almost anything, if you market it properly. Most gamers love the shiny new flashy graphical videos and go crazy over a few well placed trailers, without even knowing if the game is functional (they're all broken in one way or another).
Ubisoft for instance has done this time and time again, with almost every game in their library. Not one game they've created in the past 10 years has been fully functional.
I'll bet people go rushing out to buy the new Watch Dogs 2 & TC Ghost Recon Wildlands, only to find out that those games are broken (as per usual).

DarXyde2816d ago

Never played it and completely forgot this game even existed. No one has said a thing about it in forever, internet or otherwise.

FinalFantasyFanatic2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I had a few friends and my manager at the time try to bother me into playing the Division, but it just seemed to go down hill since launch.


There's a few MMOs I'd like to play this gen but they often seem deeply flawed, I really wanted to like Destiny but it gets alot of mixed reviews and after playing it at a friend's house, it seems like it has too many flaws for my taste. Titanfall 2, Overwatch and Battlefield 1 seem to be the best picks this gen, or at least I think so (I'll be picking them up eventually, there's just other games I would prefer to buy first).

Soc52816d ago

Wow... All that build up to the game and all the videos and previews and it's already fading out.

CitizenFour2816d ago

I gave up on this game after the beta lol

Ceaser98573612816d ago

me after UC4 released... :D and never went back..

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whitesoxfalife19762816d ago

his view on the game is not even about the 1.4 update he is more so crying cuz he cudn get public match linked up........
then to call other gamers elitism?

Please i can get into a match with no problem if i so choose to public match. i have friends that i can hit the streets with and etc.

@zealous you BROUGHT this game lmao ok

Sam Fisher2815d ago

Lmfaoooooooo legos f$&@ing hurt man

Viryu2816d ago

I remember trying to do Incursions before the first DLC launched. I could get nothing but get kicked out of parties for an hour because my level wasn't near whatever the limit was back then. Dunno how it is now, but back then it was no fun when most of the time you had to spend looking for a party that would not kick you.

CrimzonRazor2816d ago

you dont have to do incursions or dz to gear up now

CorndogBurglar2816d ago

It was clearly a typo, you prick.

You're quick to point out grammatical errors yet you started two of your sentences with lower case letters.

See.....everyone makes mistakes, including you. Is that a tough concept to grasp?

whitesoxfalife19762816d ago

lmao maybe you didnt notice "LMAO" i dont give a fuck about his typn. clearly you have a thought about soment else........ it was thas last part of my comment not the first.... dummy

CorndogBurglar2816d ago

You don't care bout his typo but you went out of your way to point it out?