Proven Gamer: Batman Arkham VR Review

Proven Gamer: Arkham VR is mostly a one-and-done deal. Did I feel like Batman when I put on the mask and played Batman: Arkham VR? Well, partly. The game suggests using two move controllers for the best experience, but since I was lacking one, I decided to use the controller.

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Utalkin2me2033d ago

I agree with most of what is written.

But for correction.

"The only issue I had with standing and using the move controllers (other than my feet getting tired) was the placement of the Bat-a-rang on my chest"

The Bat-a-rang is not on your chest it's on the front of your belt where your belt buckle goes.

TrickyMic2033d ago

when i looked down, it looked like it was on the bat symbol on my chest, but the belt does make more sense

Amiga-guy2033d ago

I loved this game, there were moments when I was the batman, short but very sweet.