PS4 Exclusive Let It Die Shows More Brutal Gameplay: Progression, Abductions, Death Penalty and More

Today Gung Ho America released a new video of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Let It Die, starring Director Hideyuki Shin as he illustrates some of the game's mechanics.

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Viryu2024d ago

Bring Lily Bergamo Back Movement was here!

Onenyte2024d ago

Was that game actually any good ?

Because I never actually got a chance to see any gameplay or anything.

Abriael2024d ago

many wants Lily Bergamo's art style back, it doesn't have to do with gameplay.

It was, at least for what I am concerned, definitely more appealing.

Kyosuke_Sanada2024d ago

Other than a short clip and what I have read in the Grasshopper Manufacture art book, it's very hard to tell but I do wish that both managed to exist.

Viryu2024d ago

What Abriael said, the art style and design was very pleasing.

Kyosuke_Sanada2024d ago

This is the first free-to-play game I am actually excited for.

Kashima2024d ago

To me was Deep Down cause i'm big Souls and Dragon Dogma fan.

Viryu2024d ago

Is Deep Down still alive though?

And I wish they brought Dragon's Dogma Online to the West, sigh.

Kyosuke_Sanada2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I was excited for Deep Down as well but Capcom is too busy trying to sell new games under familiar IP names. It's safe to say it's vaporware.

DarkOcelet2024d ago

Something tells me that this "Death Insurance" will cost money.

The game looks neat though

Vitalogy2024d ago

Free-to-Play game with micro-transactions :o shocker (not). One can only hope that this doesn't turn out to be Pay-2-Win *sigh*

HaveAsandwich2024d ago

I just learned the term "roguelike" is comparing one game to the game rogue. lol i knew what people were referring to wen they said roguelike, but didnt know it referred to the game rogue. he says let it die is roguelike, which made me think of rogue.