Skyrim SE is burning up on Steam

Skyrim SE is out and the Steam reviews are gathering smoke

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morganfell2591d ago

Hypocritical that Steam users are attacking the game because of a console version. This is an example of a review system when it doesn't work. I received the upgrade for free on the PC because I owned the initial release with all the DLC. I purchased the PS4 version. Steam reviews on the original as of this writing are as follows:

Recent: Overwhelmingly Positive (2,531 reviews)
Overall: Very Positive (175,609 reviews)

The PC version has been flawless for me. I'll get to the PS4 version this weekend along with some other recent releases.

Allsystemgamer2591d ago

And yet I can't even play the game above 10 FPS. Seems like you haven't actually sifted through the negative reviews. Most are people complaining about garbage performance.
I was able to run the original WITH mods over 100fps. I run bf1 on high over 60 FPS.

This either crashes or is a slide show.

RoseSapphire2591d ago

Sounds like it is probably your PC.

People seem to expect this game to have the same requirements as the previous. It does not.

Derpy2591d ago

I don't have a new PC, yet I have no trouble playing it on my old machine at medium settings, maybe you need to play around with the settings.

Allsystemgamer2591d ago

@ bran

If I can run modern games at 60fps with no issues in what world would it be my PC?

It's called poor optimization.

warriorcase2591d ago


Whats the specs of your rig?

slappy5082591d ago

Did you turn off vsync in the .ini file? Once I did this my framerate went from a dipping 40fps to a stable 60fps without any drops

_LarZen_2591d ago

4K at 55~60fps on a old 4 year old machine with a new GPU here :p

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opinionated2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Lmao get the refund torches out! Oh wait..

conanlifts2591d ago

Not tried it. The original ran with texture packs at 4k and 60+fps for me. The upgrade was free so if it has worse performance then i will just go back to the original.

warriorcase2591d ago

Playing on PC at the moment. Have had zero issues and great performance. I love steam but man go into ANY game forum/discussion section and its overrun with dunces. Seems a lot of people on steam instead of just googling if they have an issue just go start a thread to complain with an illogical rant and then go and down vote the game. Not saying this is everyone mind you, there are people with genuine issues and its a shame alot of the people really trying to figure out an issue are drowned out by the 100th "WAT R DEEZ GRAFX? REFUND!" thread

slappy5082591d ago

Yeah same here. Many people who had issues just want to jump on the hate bandwagon and rate it negatively before even trying to research how to fix the issue. In my case turning off vsync in the ini file fixed my framerate issues. I've had no issues like I did in the normal, like the infinite screen, after a couple of hours I've yet to see that and also I've had zero crashes.

iistuii2591d ago

It's mostly kids who wonder why their 5 year old dell can't run it......

moegooner882591d ago

At this point, steam/pc gamers being upset and whining about a game isn't really news. It is the norm.

Reaper29r2591d ago

Yeah I mean how dare people complain about shoddy performance and money grubbing practices? Entitled bastards. They should learn to be like console only gamers and just bend over and accept those problems. Progress!

moegooner882591d ago

Every game released on steam has reviews like this, even when games run fine. A nice collection of idiots, who love to whine. Also, suggesting that console gamers don't complain, shows how utterly clueless you are. Clueless!

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"And The GTA 6 Leak Becomes Most-Liked Gaming Social Post Of All Time"

Stuart57561h ago

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