Ubisoft "officially" announces Enchanted Arms for the PS3

We may have already been told (all the way back in September of last year) by Japanese game studio From Software that their next generation RPG Enchanted Arms is coming to the PS3, and we've even seen a video trailer for the PS3 version. However, the folks over at Ubisoft have taken their time and have only just officially announced that Enchanted Arms will be coming to the PS3 this March.

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gapzi11a5233d ago

Did anyone really love this game? I felt it had all the solid traditional RPG mechanics in place, but the game world just was not inspiring. It did not capture my curiousity or imagination.

PS360WII5233d ago

I really liked this game. It had all the elements a RPG should have and it was nice looking to boot. Sure it's linear but that seems to be the theme for rpgs these days sadly but hey who wants to get lost anyways. It was a nice filler rpg for the 360 and it'll be a nice filler for the PS3 too.
But yea it won't win any awards but it still goes down nice as a rpg for the new systems